Vueling was my worst experience with an airline

Review of Dlee_84 about the flight Vueling Airlines between Paris Charles De Gaulle and London Gatwick on 25/06/2017 in Economy
Dlee_84 VY / VLG CDG / LGW

Flying with Vueling from Paris to London. Before we arrived at the airport their online check-in wasn't working and there was apparently already a delay of over an hour, so I had a suspicion there was something wrong.

Upon arrival at the airport there was a very large queue waiting to be checked in. I asked the member of staff about the delay asked and they said there wasn't one.

Everything else went as normal apart from actually boarding the plane. We driven out on the shuttle bus to board the plane, and here we were hearing other passengers talking about how the flight had been overbooked by almost 40 people.

When we arrived at the plane they didn't open the doors of the bus and kept us there in very high heat. Nothing was communicated to us asked and many peoplease began to feel unwell as we were left waiting for almost 20 minutes.

Then we were driven back to the airport, where again they didn't open the doors for about 10 minutes. When the did open the doors, the passengers that felt ill were threatened by Vueling staff that if they didn't get back on the bus Vueling would call the police.

Eventually they let us back into the airport to the waiting area at the gate. No reason was given for the delay and no idea of how long it would be.

We were then told to get back onto the bus and finally we were able to board the plane. The aircon wasn't working we kept on the plane for another hour and a half before take off. All we were offered was half a small cup of water.

It was during this wait on the plane that we realiased the flight had definitely been overbooked and the delay was because Vueling was trying to resolve the issue they had caused. No other refreshments were offered and communication was abysmal.

In the end, the flight was delayed over two hours, my train tickets I had prebooked in London were now worthless because of how late we were and we needed to get a taxi the final part of out journey as the last trains had already gone.

After contacting Vueling they said they wouldn't compensate us any of this additional expenditure. In fact, they actually said that because they changed the flight number, it wasn't technically delayed AT ALL.

This has definitely been my worst experience with any airline. I will definitely not be flying with Vueling again and I will definitely be warning others abut them. It's probably not worth saving a tiny amount of money to fly with them.

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By Dlee_84, about Vueling Airlines, , close to London, England, United Kingdom, via its phone
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