The most beautiful scam of my life

Review of bbb about the flight Vueling Airlines G6KMXZ between Seville and Bilbao on 30/10/2012 in Economy
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Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

On October 30, 2012, we had a flight from Seville to Bilbao with Vueling. We then had to take a flight from Bilbao to Paris CDG on Air France.

When we showed up at 10:00 on 10/30 at the Vueling counter at Seville airport to check in for the 12:10 flight, we learned that the time had been changed and that the plane had departed hours ago.

The agent pointed out that we had been informed of this in an email from Vueling on 10.10.12. In fact, we did receive an email from this airline, but it clearly indicated a departure time of 12:10. We told the agent, and she realized that indeed the error came from them. The only consideration offered by Vueling was to leave the next day for Bilbao or the same day for Paris.

So we were forced to take 2 flights from Seville to Paris on Vueling. We obviously lost the use of the Seville to Bilbao tickets on Vueling, but also the tickets from Bilbao to Paris on Air France. The total cost of the tickets: 1500€. That is not to mention the canceled appointment with my client in Bilbao and taxi fares. This was a very elegant detail of Vueling: we paid the full ticket price, while they were responsible for this last minute purchase. No negotiation was possible, even for luggage, not even a single excuse, or even a smile.

Faced with the expression of our discontent, Vueling's only commercial gesture was to call up the Guardia Civil, who told us "very kindly" to tone down and pay for our tickets. We contacted them by telephone, and they told us to go to their website. Therefore, we sent an email.

As of today, we have not received a response from them.

What steps do we need to follow to enforce our rights?

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By bbb, about Vueling Airlines,
Posted online by Florian de What The Flight, on 20 November 2012
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Cath92 replied Translate

Problème analogue l'an dernier sur Barcelone.
Avion en retard de 2h (10h -->12h).
Au moment de l'embarquement refus de ma CNI dépassée de 8 jours (alors qu'on ne quitte pas l'Europe...) On me dit que je peux changer de vol avec un gap minimal si j'ai mon passeport valide dans moins de 2 h.
Après appel de mon mari je récupère mon passeport - Au moment d'embarquer on me fait repayer un billet plein pot parce que ça faisait + de 2 h (en prenant pour référence le tout premier horaire non respecté par eux-mêmes)
Malgré maintes relances écrites, ils ne m'ont même pas remboursé les taxes d'aéroport, qu'ils n'ont pas le droit de garder si l'on n'effectue pas le voyage....
Basta Vueling !!!!! Shame on them

rdug69 replied Translate

Pour se faire rembourser de vueling, Faites une opposition bancaire pour duplication de carte bancaire, Jouez le même jeu malhonnête qu'eux, ça fonctionne, les banques ne prennent aucun risques avec leur clients. Elles ont bien plus de pouvoir que les compagnies aériennes.

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