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Venerina C. Don't fly with them! 1/5
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I have had the worst experience with this airline.

We booked a flight to go from Gatwick to Paris and when we got to the airport they had cancelled the flight due to airstrike and after a long queue, they told us that we needed to go online for a refund and voucher.

Nowhere online was there an explanation of the voucher or refund. After hours of trying to reach their customer service centre, we finally get through to someone (Mani) who literally said I needed to write a complaint because there was nothing she could do. Because of this, I lost my hotel reservation (which was non-refundable and they did not budge on their decision to move us to next weekend (Holiday Inn Paris Elysee) and of course lost our tickers with Easy Jet (over £400 value).

I wonder if Vueling will compensate for this loss - of course not. I have to put one star to post but the reality is they dont even deserve 1 star.

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Economy LGW - CDG 07/2016

Good Short Flight.

Somewhat short flight on a low-cost Spanish airline that is worthy of its parent company Ibéria.

Punctuality, service, friendliness and baggage handling: no complaints.

Of course the service was that of a low-cost airline but nothing shocking compared to other companies in this price range, except for Asian low-cost airlines, which are the gold standard.

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Economy BOD - BCN More than 2 years 1 reactions 11 views

Best low cost airline in Europe! Great value

Flew with Vueling hundreds of times, over past 7 years. On time most of the times, professional, efficient and friendly crew. Pilots trained to highest possible standard, making the flight pleasure even for most nervous fliers like myself. Well recommended!

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Economy BCN - LGW 08/2015
tereza kuz


Round trip with this company. It was perfectly on time and the cabin was clean. The return was on an extremely new A320. The crew was cheerful and...

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Economy AGP - BOD 09/2015 121 views

Terrible treatment of customers

You do not get what you pay for. This airline has no consideration for their customers. I was forced to buy an exit row seat because apparently a normal one was not available. I paid for this.

Once at the airport we discovered that I was moved to a "normal" seat (less space than RyanAir) without compensation. The staff could not do anything and I had to claim a refund by writing to them. Ridiculous.

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Economy BCN - MXP 08/2015 7 views

A good airline

Rapid and clear check-in and a nice welcome. The flight was slated to take off at 6:10 pm and it took off at 6:30 pm. The flight crew was friendly and smiling. I recommend Iberia's low-cost airline.

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Economy ORY - PMI 08/2015 20 views


For the price, the flight and the service were good. The plane was very clean and the flight crew was friendly, cheerful and attentive. Now obviously this is a low-cost airline so all the meals, beverages, etc. cost extra but for the price there's no point in nitpicking.

Takeoff was 30 minutes late on the departure flight but the arrival was on time. On the return flight, takeoff was on time and arrival was early. This flight was excellent, and the takeoff and landing were smooth.
I strongly recommend this company and I would take it again in the future without hesitation.

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Economy PRG - BCN 08/2015 84 views

Normal flight

The seat was good, but no entertainment inside.
I did take food in flight.

All the flight was okay, very smooth. Nothing special to say about the take off or the landing.

I did the check-in on internet. And it was a very good choice when I saw all the people at the airport waiting in the queue for the ckeck in.

But during the check-in online at the beginning they propose me 2 seat separate, but they were duo seat available. I think they do that in order for you to buy seat.

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Economy ORY - LIS 07/2015 2 reactions

Don't fly with them!

On May the 21st, 2015, I flew into Roma Fiumicino in order to catch a connecting Vueling flight from Fiumicino to Malaga due to leave within 90...

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Economy CIA - AGP 05/2015 1 reactions 19 views
Venerina C.

Probably one of the worst airline to fly

Flight from Paris to Rome at 9h00 was canceled. Have called Vueling hotline a day before because was having trouble to do my check-in online, gave my flight and passenger numbers and people did not inform me that the flight had been canceled, but company did not inform customers. Airport customer service agent were unhelpful when questioned about the delay. No assistance, no help, no refund.

At 18h00 passengers were held at buses, doors and windows locked, under the sun for more than 45 minutes, before boarding at the aircraft all of this culminated in my not checking into my hotel until 22h30 !

I will not be fooled into travelling Vueling again!

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Economy ORY - FCO 06/2015 2 reactions 9 views

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