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Avoid this company

Vueling doesn't care about customers at all. People at the help desk give you an unbelievable attitude. Here is what happened: My flight was on...

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Economy BCN - ARN 10/2019 3 reactions

200 Euros in hidden charges, including 25 euros to sit next to spouse!

Online booked flight. didn't mention extra charge I was hit with upon submitting my payment (sitting next to my spouse, early cancelation option, luggage...). In the end it cost some 150 euros extra. Return trip day - I had to pay 50 euros to bring my luggage back home, plus they said it was 2 kg overweight - it's 25 Euros more. Also during over a 2 hrs flight you don't even get water or coffee. Everything you want you need to buy. A cold, stale sandwich is 12 euros. Other prices are set accordingly. I will NEVER ever fly with this company again. Generally, be prepared to spend much more than you initially thought if you want to receive things that are included at other airlines (1 piece of luggage, some beverage, snacks. Also be prepared for sitting away from the person you fly with if you don't purchase that option!!!)

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Economy DBV - BCN 09/2019

10 Hour Delay with No Explanation

Pay the extra $50-100 if you can manage. This was the worst flight experience of my life. Vueling Air almost cost us our honeymoon, definitely cost...

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Economy LGW - CDG 06/2019

low cost flight

leg room is so tight, no entertainment, no meal, literally a low cost flight you can not even change your seat, i was with a friend and we couldn't sit next to each other !!

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Economy ALG - ALC 07/2018
Ahmed Medhat

Vueling airline scam on fee for changing names on ticket

By accident I used my and my wifes' initials instead of the full first name. To change this on the airport Vueling charges 50,- admin fee (which is reasonable) PLUS the costs of the 'new' ticket price. The flight was fully booked but I had to re-purchase my already bought tickets for 3 times the price I bought them. I had to pay for each ticket 650,- extra for a flight to Porto with an initial ticket price of 280,-. This is real airline scam. I will never fly again with an airliner that has such an unfair policy for their clients.

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Economy AMS - OPO 08/2018

unacceptable behaviour of six passengers and part of the cabin staff during the flight

the plane was supposed to depart at 10.30 in the evening. we set off at 11.00 with a short delay but that was no problem. during the flight the captain announced that the cabin lights would be dimmed in accordance to night travelling regulations.( that was the case when a week ago we travelled from Larnaca to Barcelona)
Last night though this did not happen.
The cabin lights were very slightly lowered and the cabin crew kept serving the six young people in the row in front of me , alcoholic and other drinks. they were talking and laughing loudly and it was two oclock in the morning.??????
My complain was met with more laughter and irony.

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Economy BCN - LCA 07/2018

Horrible Employee "Welcome to France, you have no power against me"

A serious system problem overcharged my girlfriend for her additional baggage. The Iberia/Vueling supervisor came to check, and instead of checking...

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Economy CDG - LGW 06/2018

Nightmare i

1. Flight changed from lisbon to porto portugal 2.flight changed from Porto to Vigo, Spain 3. Still in Vigo, Spain..24 hoyrs later. Missed...

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Economy LIS - BCN More than 2 years


I would like to warn everyone flying with Vueling that they consider themselves to have the right to decide whether you're allowed to board the...

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Economy CPH - CDG More than 3 years 4 reactions
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