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Flight perfect; airport in Nantes mediocre.

We took off on time, despite being transferred to the plane by bus: a process that was perfectly managed in Tenerife. The flight itself was problem-free, with the cabin crew just as nice as previously. We arrived at Nantes five minutes ahead of schedule. However, this was no advantage because the gangway used for disembarking was not in place! We had to wait thirty minutes before the first of the baggage arrived at the carousel: the baggage handling vehicle had turned up when we were part way through disembarking!

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Delay due to the weather

A delay was quickly announced in Tenerife (as well as for another another airline's flight that was also coming from Orly) and the departure list was updated regularly: 1 h 30 min delay.
As soon as we were on board, the crew explained that because of strong headwinds we had to land in Portugal for extra kerosene since we had used up more of it than expected.
The entire crew was French and, here again, very friendly. The wind was favorable for the return to France and we made up the 30 minutes.
This time I had a seat in the middle, which was much quieter. Still seated just as well.
Once again the Nantes Airport is below any other one when it comes to arrivals. The vehicle for removing the luggage was too small and we had to circle it twice and wait 30 minutes to land. There were no crew members in the hangar that served as the arrivals terminal for some of the low-cost airlines. There was no security: the door opened directly to the outside (is there no anti-terrorist security in Nantes?).

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Perfect except for Nantes airport

Departure on time. Fifteen minute delay at arrival because the control tower made us circle three times over Nantes before authorising landing...

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Vol retour parfait

Comme à l'aller, rien à redire mais il me semble important de donner un avis quand on est content et pas seulement quand il y a un problème. Personnel de bord encore une fois francophone et très aimable. Arrivée et départ parfaitement à l'heure prévue.

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Economy TFS - NTE 12/2017
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Gros retard

L'avion est arrivé à Ténérife avec 2 h 30 de retard (annoncé et mis à jour régulièrement sur les écrans). L'embarquement s'est très vite effectué...

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