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Our second flight with Volotea reinforced our first impressions from February 2013 (Nantes-Strasbourg return). This time it was a one-way trip to Venice. On account of the date, we flew back with a different airline
(Transavia, need I say more). Boarding on time, a friendly and available cabin crew (we had reserved seats near the engines where the view was restricted, after take-off we were moved to better seats near a window). Take-off on time, a flight without incident, friendly service, a smooth landing with arrival ahead of time!
Thank you Volotea. We have booked another return flight Nantes-Strasbourg for next April. One last thing: the cost! Unbeatable! A pity for HOP airlines whom we also like but savings count. In other words: value for money with Volotea is super! Any drawbacks? Flight schedules may change sometimes (early or late) and flights do not operate everyday. But when you are retired, it is easy to adapt.

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Economy NTE - VCE More than 3 years 6 reactions 403 views

Nantes-Venice flight was perfect; even 15 minutes ahead of schedule on the way there

We took a Nantes-Venice flight for New Year 2014. We were two adults and two teenagers. I must say that the previous reviews were helpful. We have...

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Economy NTE - VCE More than 3 years 3 reactions 445 views

Gestion des bagages calamiteuses

Notre départ était prévu à 12h40; Vol 72212-13. A 12h30, le personnel au sol nous annonce que suite à un incident technique, notre vol serait...

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Reply from the airline
Economy NTE - VCE More than 2 years 8 reactions 123 views

Pratiques commerciales douteuses

Avion à l'heure, propre... par contre un certain nombre de surprises vous attendent : Vous êtes systématiquement séparés de votre conjoint, de vos...

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Economy NTE - VCE More than 3 years 13 reactions 693 views

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