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Value (price + quality) 3,69 / 5
Comfort 3,77 / 5
Costumer service 3,89 / 5
Your opinion of security 4,11 / 5
Food 2,87 / 5
Management of luggage 3,67 / 5
Comfort 3,77 / 5
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alphadogcharleston Volotea = As bad as it gets, except for maybe at&t 1/5
SKY Flight cancellation, no refund , no back up 1/5
Opinions about Volotea

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All OK

Nice flight at a convenient price.

Punctuality and kind service at board.

A minor disappointing point is the latening and a few confuse of on-line check-in.

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Economy TLS - NAP More than 2 years

Great ontime flight and top service

My recent experience on Volotea Flights was extremely positive in details such as ontime flights, employees cordiality and professionality, right and timely useful information, onboard conforts and cleanliness. A part the hostes dressing colours I did not so much appreciated, flying with Volotea flights has been a real overall positive experience. To note I'm using a lot of planes during the year.

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Economy VBS - CTA More than 2 years

Really good

A good airline, qualified and available for any inquiries or problems.

OK for: seats, messages, check-in, services of flight attendants and so on.


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Economy CTA - AOI More than 2 years

Volotea is the top

I think Volotea is the best flight company because it is very cheaply and professional.

I fly with Volotea about ten times in a year and can say that volotea satisfies all my needs.

For this reasons I'll choose Volotea for ever. :)

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Economy CTA - VBS More than 2 years

Good routes

On time, staff very friendly and helpful, reasonable prices.

Plenty of room in the seats, no fuss. Will definitely fly with them again.

This is the first time I have been able to fly direct from Toulouse to Alicante.

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Economy TLS - ALC More than 2 years


Flying with Volotea was very nice surprise.

Me and my two girls 2 and 6 years old enjoyed a lot.

I highly recommend it.

Nice, quick, clean. We will fly again.

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Economy PRG - TLS More than 2 years

Excellent flight

A flash of lightning touched the plane.

The crew reaction was perfect.

The plane was controlled at Toulouse very quickly before we go to Ajaccio.

Very confortable and safe trip otherwise.

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Economy NTE - AJA More than 2 years

Nice company

I enjoyed to flight lately with Volotea because of the courtesy, on time, and the rate quality/price.

My advice is to fly with company Everytime you have the need.

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Economy NAP - VRN More than 2 years
Luc T.

Satisfaction for economy price

The plane was on time (just arriving from... somewhere )

BOEING 717, reactors at rear, not new but correct.

Taking off 10' early, and landing 20' in advance !

Good flight in good conditions.

The announcements on board were clear and friendly.

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Economy RNS - NCE More than 2 years

excellent first experience with Volotea

Nice flight, very nice interior and kind team!

Flight early on time and largely superior to other low cost companies on all aspects!

I strongly recommend this young company to all of you!

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Economy LUX - NCE More than 2 years

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  • Cockpit
  • La cabine
  • Vue du golfe de Cargèse depuis la place 22F
  • Flight pictures #5
  • L'aéroport surbooké de Nantes...
  • Flight pictures #7
  • L'embarquement
  • Flight pictures #9
  • Flight pictures #10
  • Arrivée a Lille
  • Flight pictures #12
  • Sur le tarmac de Nantes Atlantique
  • Flight pictures #14
  • Les WC propres
  • La descente commence
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  • Flight pictures #18
  • Flight pictures #19
  • Flight pictures #20
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  • La sortie de secours au niveau de la queue
  • L'appareil, un Boeing 717 d'11 ans (à Strasbourg)
  • Les sièges sympas, ça change d'EasyJet (et même AF). Un tout petit peu trop dure.
  • Décollage
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  • Flight pictures #28
  • La rangée
  • Un appareil de Tunisair
  • vue sur Venise, avec possibilité d'arriver par rail ou voiture
  • Flight pictures #32
  • Flight pictures #33
  • Les WC propres
  • Rangée 22 siège F, jolie vue sur le moteur 2 Rolls Royce BR 715
  • Embarquement à Ajaccio
  • Flight pictures #37
  • Flight pictures #38
  • Flight pictures #39
  • les iles Lavezzi
  • Bon espace
  • L'appareil, un Boeing 717 d'11 ans
  • Alto Cumulus au dessus de la plaine du Po .
  • Flight pictures #44
  • Flight pictures #45
  • Flight pictures #46
  • Flight pictures #47
  • Iles de Gozo, Comino, Malte
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