Volotea = As bad as it gets, except for maybe at&t

Review of alphadogcharleston about the flight Volotea between Vienna and Bordeaux on 17/06/2019 in Economy
alphadogcharleston V7 / VOE VIE / BOD

I would describe my flight but I didn't get to take it because volotea decided it would be easier and more profitable to just steal my money instead. After initially paying them for the right to change my flight if i needed to (because I'm traveling with no real time constraints for once in my life), I got on their website 2 days before my flight and changed it to another day a few weeks from now, because I decided to stay longer. As far as i knew, their website worked and when I changed today's flight to another day, that wasn't an issue because i hit the confirm button at the end like it told me to. Until today when I got an email from them saying that my flight (the original flight) was delayed. When I contacted them to see why the flight hadn't been changed, they thanked me for my money and told me it was too late to change the flight now, even though i had paid extra for the right to change flights, and their website told me that i had changed flights 2 days ago. No offer to manually change the flight at this time, no offer of a credit of any kind towards another flight...just sorry and thanks for your money! Beware of this company. Do not pay them for the ability to change flights if you need to because they won't honor it anyway. Do whatever you can to find a different airline even if you have to pay a little more.

Overall rating
1 / 5
Value (price + quality)
1 / 5
On the ground
Check-in and boarding
1 / 5
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1 / 5
Costumer service
1 / 5
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By alphadogcharleston, about Volotea,
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