Flight cancellation, no refund , no back up

Review of SKY about the flight Volotea between Mykonos and Athens on 06/05/2019 in Economy

Volotea has failed to transport passengers from origin to destination. The flight from Mykonos to Athens on 6th May at 7pm was cancelled. Upon cancellation, they did not offer any backup flight on the same day or next day. We are stranded on Mykonos and was anxious because we need to catch any international flight at Athens on the next day. Next morning, they put us on a ferry that takes 7 hours to reach Athens and told us to go to Mykonos port to collect the ferry ticket.Ferry departs at 1415hrs and reach Athens at 7pm. However, the ferry office said Volotea did not make such booking for us. We have to pay for own ferry ticket at our own cost. After the incident, we wrote to Volotea for refund since they did not put us on the plane at all. They refuse to refund (70 euros) and stated that it was under unforeseen circumstances that they cancel the flight. They also did not pay for the ferry ticket (38euros) upon producing the receipt. Their customer service even claim that this was no show initially, instead of a flight cancellation. This is really the most non-reliable airline and bad customer service. There are other airline serving Mykonos to Athens - pls take others and not Volotea. Do not let this airline spoil your schedule or holiday.

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