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Value (price + quality) 3,78 / 5
Comfort 3,78 / 5
Costumer service 4,07 / 5
Your opinion of security 4,12 / 5
Food 2,87 / 5
Management of luggage 3,83 / 5
Comfort 3,78 / 5
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basapistas No more... 2/5
paulo24 Disappointing service from the customer service agents, but cabin crew very professional! 3/5
Lelo67 Excellent 5/5
Opinions about Volotea

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A very good flight !

Excellent flight, the crews are super and the flight was early !

Good service at the 2 airports.

Aircraft confortable and quiet.

The seat could move to the back.

The flight intendant are very sympatic and friendly.

Wrong point : the message from the captain (just 1 in the middle of flight) .

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Economy NCE - SXB 12/2016

Like the way on, perfect time

I already been using Volotea and like always the great thing on using them is the landing time,always on time or between 15/25minutes before the schedule time.

The attendants and the captain was very professional and we was informed on position and arrival time.

My seat was confortable but I've bought my seat in advance to chose my preferred seat.

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Economy VRN - CTA 12/2016

Everything on perfect time

We took off in perfect time and we landed 20 minutes before the schedule time.

I was sitting on 6C and the room for legs was ok.

The attendants was very nice and professional.

Check in nice and quite, I was with my kids and we had priority on boarding.

The meals and snacks are a bit expensive.

The captain inform us and tell us some flight informations.


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Economy CTA - VRN 12/2016

What Flight!

Starting late but arrive on time...

Good breakfast and good and friendly cabin crew...

Comfortable journey... fast boarding...
Good value for money.
Good good

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Economy VCE - CTA 12/2016

Very Good Flight

Flight on time.

Flight comfortable.

Assistance to perfect plane board.

The staff very polite and prepared.

Check in OK and fast.

Very simple seat selection in the purchase of the ticket.

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Economy CTA - VCE 11/2016

Confortable and on time

Comfortable seats, friendly and helpful staff, pleasant flight.

Departure and arrival on time.

The flight was very short so I have no comments about food and other services.

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Economy VRN - CTA 09/2016


Great flight. Boarding and takeoff were on time, and the arrival in Venice was early. The flight crew was very professional, cheerful and helpful. I take Volotea a lot and I have no complaints. On the other hand, it would be nice if you had more destinations departing from Venice, like the Greek islands.

The only flaw is the boarding process because they ask to approach the gate according to the boarding group indicated on the boarding card and often those who are already in line does not pass , however the staff can not do problems for this.

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Economy BRI - VCE 11/2016

Pleasant flight

Leaving from Venice and landing in Marseille is a true pleasure, the view at the start and the view on arrival is a true delight, so beautiful !

The Volotea Aircraft is very comfortable and the crew is super.

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Economy VCE - MRS 10/2016

Pleasent trip

Fully satisfied.

Comfortable seats, nice temperature inside the cabine and very pleasant the music played (really clever).

On time and generally the service was excellent.

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Economy ATH - VCE 10/2016
Nikolaos Z.

Great flight

Another fligh with Volotea and another time I am completely satisfied wirh my flight.

Clean and confortable aircraft and professional cabin crew.

The flight was in time.

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Economy NAP - GOA 10/2016

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