They ruined our entire vacation

Review of Dee about the flight Air Europa Líneas Aéreas between Paris Charles De Gaulle and Malaga on 07/01/2018 in Economy plus
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 2 years ago.

After flying over 24 hours to get to our last leg of travel. My husband and I presented our boarding passes and were told by the agent that we could not board the flight. We were directed to a long line at Air France our last flight prior. Waiting 45 minutes in line and missing our flight, the agent at Air France informed us that there seem to be a glitch and to no fault of our own we were made to wait 10 more hours in the airport. We made it to Malaga Spain and were told they lost our luggage. We still had a hour drive to get to our villa. We at that time found out the rental car service was closed at that late hour and we had to spend extra money to have them open for a rental car. We made it to our villa around 4 am that morning. We had not one piece of luggage, no clothes, proper shoes, toiletries ect.
We had to attend a wedding and our birthday dinner was the 9th wedding and our birthday party was on the 10th of Jan. We had to miss both due to no clothes. We had trouble even finding stores that sold clothes we could even wear. After 3 day we were told by Air Europa to spend 100.00 Euros each for basic needs. We did and kept every receipt. We did not receive our luggage until nearly 5 days into our vacation. After returning home we sent all original receipts along with other documents at Air Europa's requested. Certified mail at our cost. Air Europa informed us after receiving the info that it would take yet another 30 days to get a refund. We did after 30 days receive a email from Air Europa letting us know that we would be getting the 200.00 US dollars for our compensation. It has now been 52 days and they have stopped responding to our emails asking why we haven't received the compensation. We have now hired legal services and will be seeking the true compensation we should have received.

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By Dee, about Air Europa Líneas Aéreas, , close to Payson, Arizona, United States
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