Cancun with a stopover in Madrid.

Review of jfvalent1 about the flight Air Europa Líneas Aéreas between Paris Orly and Cancun on 06/07/2012 in Economy
jfvalent1 UX / AEA ORY / CUN
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

We had booked online a Paris-Cancun roundtrip with a stopover in Madrid.
On the outward trip, the airline changed our connecting flight, giving us too little time to cross the entire Madrid terminal, which is immense, and requiring us to take a bus that takes you on a tour of Spain! Obviously, there was no Air Europa representative to assist you even though they knew that a one-hour transit is too short (and if they didn't, they should change their jobs). We arrived five minutes before takeoff for Cancun and we had to really insist for them to let us get on board, since the flight was already closed! Grotesque. Same story on the way back. We were with our two children of 5 and 8 years old and the eldest had broken his arm on vacation…. I invite you to imagine the situation.
Moreover, our gifts (a few liters of Tequila), bought duty-free in Cancun, were confiscated in Madrid, since you are obliged to go through all of the controls again. The safety personnel at the Madrid airport are very strict and unpleasant. And there was no one at the Air Europe counters.
To continue the series, the lunch voucher that they gave us when we departed Cancun came from Orbest Airlines, the airline subcontracted by Air Europa to operate the Madrid-Cancun flight. The Air Europa crew on the Madrid-Paris flight did not accept it, claiming it didn't belong to Air Europa. The crew was also horrible to my son (whose arm was in a cast), grabbing him by the arm to make sure his cast was open enough (which was the case, fortunately)….
Lastly, after about 15 hours, we recovered our bag in a dismal shape—beyond repair, actually.
In Paris, we filed a complaint for the luggage and wrote this airline to ask for damages. We received a letter, addressed to my 8-year-old son (!) in horrible French telling us that since our complaint was filed over 7 days after our return, it was not valid. Obviously, they waited the maximum time to retrieve our registered letter. In short, these people were unpleasant and, especially, dishonest. And to say that this airline belongs to Skyteam—which we thought to be a guarantee of a certain quality, reassuring us when we chose our flight.
To avoid absolutely.

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By jfvalent1, about Air Europa Líneas Aéreas,
Posted online by Florian de What The Flight, on 26 August 2012
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bg64 replied Translate

Entièrement d'accord, j'ai fait un vol Madrid Cancun sur cette compagnie il y a quelques années, service lamentable, cabine de l'avion mal entretenue... Commpagnie à proscrire.

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