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Comfort 2,73 / 5
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Chouchou92500 Very good flight 3/5
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Air Europa never again

During the flight from Madrid to Amsterdam, 162 passengers where forced to use only two toilets. The toilets were situated in the back, so that we as passengers always had to wait until the stewards finished there round.

That needed such a long time for us standing in the back of the airplane for nearly 15 minutes until we could back to our seats.

It seemed as if it didn't matter nothing to the stewards that we could get back to our seats in time.

So what we have learned right now: money seems to be more important than a comfortable and safe situation for the passengers.

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Economy MAD - AMS 08/2016
Air Europa never again

Perfect apart from slight delay

Seats were comfortable and plane clean light and airy.

The stewards were fantastic very charming.

The flight was smooth and relaxing. I will definitely use this airline again without hesitation.

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Business EMA - FUE 07/2016


Flew to havanna via Madrid. All 4 flights were delayed. Massive queues at check in with 2 hour wait in long queue. Not enough leg room, poor service, awful food.

Lost luggage on way back had to rush through airport because of late flights and connections, no information, no staff at airports to explain what is happening. Stressful for passengers. Altogether an awful experience.

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Economy HAV - LGW 07/2016

Awful! Never again

Absolutely awful airline ! The food was dire (salami sandwiches and lumpy pasta); I was shocked that this would even be acceptable for a 10 hour...

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Economy LGW - CUN 04/2016 8 views
Lianne G.

On-time flight, basic service

The flight, on an A330-300, was without incident, despite some pretty strong turbulence above the Amazon. The service was basic (the same as the departure journey which is to say, a little cheap). The meals were served at rather strange times, especially the last one, which was served at 3 in the morning Madrid time...

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Economy LIM - MAD 07/2015 39 views

On-time flight but basic service

An uneventful flight on an A330-200. The onboard service was basic: frugal meal, no individual screens and headphones cost €3. That seemed pretty stingy for a 12-hour flight . . . nothing to say about the staff, they were basically pleasant.

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Economy MAD - LIM 07/2015 1 reactions 28 views

A short flight without incident

The plane was recent (an Embraer 195), but there was no onboard service. The flight was on time, even if check-in took a long time. Our luggage arrived in Lima, our destination, with no problems.

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Economy ORY - MAD 07/2015 11 views

Not enough room for such a long flight

The plane was good, but there was very little legroom, and I'm not even especially tall.

The seats reclined pretty well but as a result, when the person in front of you reclined their seat you had no choice but to recline your own the same amount so you didn't feel as if you had the chair back was in your face. And once the seat in front was reclined, it was impossible to cross your legs.

The space between the seats was about the same as on inter-France flights.

As for everything else, the food was good and the entertainment was limited, but we each had an individual screen.

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Economy MAD - EZE More than 2 years 1 reactions 31 views

Very good flight

We took the Air Europa airline to take us to Miami. After a Paris-Madrid flight with no problems, we traveled on a brand-new 787 to make the Madrid-Miami trip. No problems, very comfortable seats, the pitch was mostly sufficient, the meal was better than good and there were individual televisions. Everything was great.

The price: 470 euros per person for a Paris-Miami flight via Madrid leaving July 2 and returning July 21, so it was in the middle of summer vacation season.

Air France or American Airlines offered us flights at about 1000 euros per person for the same dates so we didn't hesitate and we're very happy with out choice.

I recommend this airline and we would take it again without hesitation. The only downside: the Madrid airport is not great.

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Economy MAD - MIA 07/2015 3 reactions 59 views

Not that bad

When we got off out flight from Miami, we had a 1 hour and 30 minute layover, which meant we had to rush. The plane was a Boeing 737-800 whose seats...

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Economy MAD - ORY More than 2 years 4 reactions 209 views

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