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Perfect flight, impeccable service, +++

The check-in went very fast, with no wait and a pleasant welcome from the ground staff. Boarding the plane was easy despite the fact that the...

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Economy RUN - CDG More than 2 years 6 reactions 169 views

A long flight made shorter by the in-flight entertainment

Staff at the airport were friendly and smiling at check-in, same at boarding (despite the usual queue for ticket checking at customs). We were welcomed on board with a smile too (cabin crew very nice!). Take-off was delayed by five minutes (due to two passengers who wanted to take full advantage of the duty free - annoying). The meal, or rather dinner, was served quickly after departure and was delicious (a Réunion style meal, the last for me for a while! It was a good "Rougail Saucisse" – a kind of spicy, sausage and tomato dish – just how you like it!). The pilots were able to make up the delay and we landed around 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

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Economy RUN - CDG More than 3 years 4 reactions 240 views

Excellent airline

This was a perfect night flight, with a soft, subdued ambiance in the cabin and an excellent meal (which is something extremely rare). The cabin...

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Economy RUN - CDG More than 3 years 182 reactions 786 views

Not all good

It felt acceptably safe onboard the Boeing 777 we travelled on for this flight.
However, the cabin crew displayed a cold attitude and should obviously consider a change of career.

The thing to avoid with Air Austral is the TGV AIR service after you've arrived at destination. It's a way for the airline to sell plane tickets by linking up with SNCF (the French national railway company).

Result: having bought tickets for two in March 2014, we were shocked to find ourselves, along with our suitcases, in different parts of the train: my wife was in one compartment, in first class, and I was in second class at the opposite end of the train. This was all because Air Austral had booked the train tickets the day before our arrival in Paris! Go for Air France or Corsair instead: you'll be treated better!

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Economy RUN - CDG More than 3 years 8 reactions 430 views

Excellent flight

We caught a daytime flight on the 25 April 2014. I absolutely wanted to write this review because the flight was very pleasant. The cabin crew were very available, welcoming, helpful and cheerful. The return night flight on the 12 May 2014 was just as good.
I wish to thank the cabin crew, who often get overlooked. We had enjoyable flights on both the outbound and return legs. I recommend the airline and I say to you to carry on as you're doing. I'll have no hesitation in using AIR AUSTRAL for my next trips.

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Economy RUN - CDG More than 3 years 7 reactions 448 views


Siège : très inconfortable, espace suffisant si pas trop grand, mais nouvel intérieur rigide et non adapté à la détente nécessaire pour 11h30 de vol.

Distractions : Programme vidéo indisponible pour 11h30 de vol, aucune excuse, ni proposition de mise à disposition du wifi : inacceptable !

Repas : repas de très mauvaise qualité, pour une commande spéciale du menu burger (15 euros !), la fraicheur et le gout ne sont pas au rendez-vous.

Décollage et atterrissage : corrects.

Température : clim trop forte et trop bruyante.

Informations en vol : aucune.

Embarquement et enregistrement ponctuels et faciles.

Bagages : restitution des bagages d'une lenteur injustifiée, surtout concernant les animaux en hors format par 5 degrés !

Personnel de bord : froideur et déconnectés de la réalité.

Ponctualité : départ en retard injustifié.

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Economy RUN - CDG 02/2017

Attitude de la compagnie envers ses clients


Suite à un mouvement social, Air Austral a affrété un vol charter pour assurer le vol UU975 LE 11/01/17. Les conditions du voyage effectué ne correspondent pas aux prestations fournies habituellement par la compagnie pour un vol de 11h00 : repas servis froid, indisponibilité des écrans videos, personnel pas francophone (compagnie espagnole)...

Suite à mon mail à la compagnie demandant un geste commercial, le responsable du service clientèle d'Air Austral a répondu (en synthétisant) : "Nous avons assuré le vol par une compagnie aérienne européenne agréée par la DGAC... ne vous plaignez pas."

Cette réponse ne m'a pas vraiment étonné : cette même réponse avait été faite à des passagers derrière nous par un représentant de la compagnie présent dans l'appareil lors du vol.

En conclusion la compagnie Air Austral ne sait pas effectuer de geste commercial envers ses clients suite à une prestation inférieure à celle souscrite lors de l'achat des billets.

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Economy RUN - CDG 01/2017

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