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Be aware of hidden charges!

The most awful experience!!! Be aware of SUPER EXTRA charges! Apparently, now, when you buy the ticket, you have to read 1 million pages of terms and conditions. Otherwise, you will end up paying TWISE MORE THAT YOUR TICKET PRICE for a small bag, which you are carrying and which does not satisfy their “requirements”. And when you realize that they are up your *ss, you have 2 options: pay TWISE MORE to check in you baggage or pay THREE TIMES MORE to bring your bag on board!!! Even Ryanair lets you check in for free...

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Economy VKO - TXL 12/2019

Worst Airline Ever

I am a violinist and I travel internationally all the time with my violin as my hand luggage. It has been fine with all airlines, except for Utair flight from Moscow to Yerevan. My fair included 1 checked luggage and a hand luggage of 10 kg. Despite the fact that most airlines don't count the violin as hand luggage, allowing me to take the violin and 1 extra hand luggage, with Utair I had only my violin as my hand luggage and they didn't let me take the violin. The violin fitted in the hand luggage compartment, but they still made me wait for the flight responsible until the very last second then told me they are denying my boarding. So, they put me in a condition of no-choice and made me pay 6000 rubles which is no way an equivalent to 50 euros as payment for excess luggage. Also, they never responded to our complaints. I will never choose Utair and would not recommend to anyone. Also flight attendants are very rude.

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Economy VKO - EVN 09/2018

Engine stopped mid-flight!


An engine stopped mid-flight! And on top of that, there was no way to communicate, because the flight attendants and the first officer didn't speak any English! It was really frightening! Pay a little more, please.

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Economy VKO - LED More than 3 years 2 reactions 5 views

The plane was on the runway, the engine had started, it sped up and then suddenly slowed down

The plane was on the runway, the engine had started, it sped up and then suddenly slowed down, parked and we had to get out.

More than 7 hours in a freezing terminal followed, with no information.

In addition to my flight, 2 of the airline's other flights were delayed the same evening for "technical" reasons (St. Petersburg and Omsk).

I have serious doubts about the level of safety, and no doubt about the terrible level of customer service.

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Economy DME - TJM More than 3 years 4 reactions
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