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Review of Bubullebx about the flight US Airways between Montreal Trudeau and St Martin (Princess Juliana) on 02/04/2013 in Economy
Bubullebx US / USA YUL / SXM
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

Hello everyone. I highly recommend that you do not fly with US Airways. Actually, the airline and the cabin crew refused to let me board because I didn't have a visa for Saint Martin. I tried in vain to explain to them that a visa was not mandatory for me because I have a French passport. The crew left me on the ground and the plane took off with my luggage inside. Only after the plane had left that they informed that in fact I didn't really need a visa. It was impossible to put me on another flight on the same day, so I would have to leave for Saint Martin on the following morning. But departing from Charlotte instead of from Philadelphia. They managed to put me in a hotel some kilometers from the city center and gave me a voucher of a total of 15 € for three meals (that is, 5 € for lunch, 5 € for dinner, and 5 € for breakfast), while at the hotel the meals do not cost 5 €! The vouchers were usable only at the hotel or in the airport. My bag arrived in Saint Martin without me, so I had to buy a change of clothes (underwear, the minimum required). I also had to pay out of my own pocket for the taxi and the extra food expenses…. You don’t go very far with 15 € in the USA! Well, the following morning off I went to Charlotte. And then they told me that my flight was cancelled…. They placed us on another flight with a one-and-a-half hour delay. Today, I am writing them a letter to request a reimbursement for my expenses and some compensation for their mistake and for having illegitimately refused to let me board. I ran into other French people who were going to Montreal with this airline and were also stuck in Philadelphia…. Some friend also went with this airline from Saint Martin to New York and, on the way back, they told them the same thing, that to board they would need to prove they lived there with a proof of address dating no more than three months…. Since when do we have to present a proof of address to take a plane when everything is written on the ESTAT…? Do we have to travel with our latest rent receipt in order to fly with US Airways? In short, a hellish trip. I am clearly not the only one to gave gone through this, and I will not back down…. These airlines are regulated by the Warsaw and (in some cases) Montreal, conventions. Keep an eye on this. Regards.

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By Bubullebx, about US Airways,
Posted online by Florian de What The Flight, on 14 May 2013
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