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Very good experience

Check in very quick and easy in terminal 1.
The lounge is common with other airlines and not the best one. Boarding was quick with priority for business class passengers. Full flat seats was really good. The screen of the IFE was big enough but the choice of movies a bit limited for such a long flight. Food was also delicious with a very nice tea choice

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Business CDG - CMB More than 3 years 2 views

An airline to avoid

Hello, I used this airline four times in two weeks and I'd like to give you my opinion. The comfort on this airline is deplorable: worn-out seats...

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Economy CDG - RML More than 3 years 17 reactions 670 views

A Paris Colombo flight

I took a Paris-Colombo flight with this airline and I was disappointed with the service provided. The boarding actually took place at the scheduled time, but the the take-off was delayed by three hours (with very little in the way of explanation offered). The plane was outdated; my personal screen was out of service; and the stewardesses were snooty and unpleasant.
I wouldn't travel with this airline again.

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Economy CDG - CMB More than 3 years 1 reactions 257 views

Very nice flight with a very nice airline

Honestly, before having actually flown with this airline I was very hesitant because of the reviews I read on this site.
And I am very happy that I chose Srilankan Airlines! It was the cheapest flight and it was also direct!
The flight went well, we departed and arrived on time. There were some free seats in the plane, so that we were even able to get four seats for the two of us in order to stretch our legs.
There were individual screens with plenty of movies, although unfortunately only about 10 were in French.
The meals were good and the crew was very helpful and attentive.

Comparing to the other flights that I had the opportunity of taking (most notably with Iberia) and considering the prices offered by Srilankan Airlines, don’t hesitate for a second!

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Economy CMB - FRA More than 3 years 7 reactions 314 views

Upgraded at the last minute

I admit that I would have preferred to be upgraded on an airline like Emirates or Ethiad. However the service in this aging business class was perfect. Great service, an incredible choice of tea and champagne galore.

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Business CMB - CDG More than 3 years 1 reactions 123 views

Very good airline

A two-way flight from Paris to the Maldives via Colombo on 11 and 19 June 2014

This airline is no better or worse than other airlines.
The outbound and return flights passed without any major problems (delayed by 10 minutes on the return leg).
Check-in online lets you choose your seats and there's an allocated check-in desk , which avoids long queues.
Onboard service was impeccable. The drinks and meals were very satisfactory.
The video equipment is getting old on some of the flights.
There's not much space between the seat rows, but that's the case with virtually all economy class flights.
This airline doesn't deserve the negative reviews that have been seen on various forums.

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Economy CDG - CMB More than 3 years 5 reactions 329 views

Excessive delays

We took Sri Lankan Airlines for a trip to the Maldives, leaving from Dubai with a layover in Colombo.

The plane was delayed by 3 hours: instead of leaving at 11:00 pm we left at 2 in the morning, and as a result we missed our connecting flight from Colombo to Malé. The airline exchanged our tickets for ones for the next flight.

The problem was that once we arrived in Malé, we had to take a ferry to get to our hotel. We should have had large margin of time since we were supposed to arrive at 8:30 am and the ferry left at 3 pm. However, the excessive delay made us miss the ferry. The only two solutions were to spend 150 euros to take a boat so we could sleep at our hotel, or pay for a night in Malé. In both cases, the excessive flight delay cost us a lot of money. On the way to Colombo, we went to the airline's window where they sent us packing by telling us that we should have talked to the airline in Malé. They didn't offer us any compensation.

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Economy DXB - MLE More than 3 years 2 reactions 165 views

Nice roundtrip

Smiling crew, nice meal, service overall identical to Air France. On the outward trip, the CDG-CMB-BKK flights were on a 10-year-old A330, so the equipment inside was already a little worn.

On the way back, the BKK-CMB flight was on an A340 that was also about 10 years old, but had new video systems. The next flight, CMB-CDG, was on the same A330 as the outward flight.
Everything went well.

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Economy CDG - CMB More than 3 years 4 reactions 158 views

Perfect flight

I am surprised of seeing so many negative reviews about this airline.
My flight went perfectly well, on both outward and return trips.
In-flight service was great, worthy of the big airlines, if not better.
Because of this, I am flying with this airline again in March.

I have experienced delays with Air France too and, to answer the person who spent five hours in the airport with some horrible food, I had an even worse experience with Air France. For a Nice-Paris flight, I had to stay eight hours in the boarding area. Only after six hours did an Air France agent show up with a voucher for a horrible sandwich from Paul.

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Business CDG - CMB More than 3 years 8 reactions 610 views

A catastrophic return flight

Hello, We traveled with SriLankan airlines in the month of December 2013 for the Malé-Colombo-Paris route. We boarded the plane at 8:45 PM at Malé...

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Economy CMB - CDG More than 3 years 14 reactions 2,2k views

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