Horrible service, inordinate delay, Broken Baggage, discourtesy treatment. No business etiquette.

Review of Swaminathan V about the flight Srilankan Airlines between Riyad and Madras on 19/05/2018 in Economy
Swaminathan V UL / ALK RUH / MAA

Dear Sir,

I booked for my travel to Chennai from Riyadh in your airlines, for the travel date 19 th June 2018 by the following flights With your booking reference as Booking reservation number: ‎MAXAFP

Riyadh to Colombo ETD 10.20 PM 19 th May 2018 PM Flight : UL 266 Booking Ref MAXAFP

Colombo to Chennai ETD 08.35 AM 20 th May 2018 PM Flight : UL 129 Booking Ref MAXAFP

The First flight was inordinately delayed at Riyadh and took off only at 3.50 AM on 20 th May amounting to a delay of more than 5 ½ hours. We wanted to cancel this ticket as we were afraid that there will be further delay and as such the connecting flight at Colombo to Chennai will be missed by us. But the booking clerk in the airport said as there are more than 78 Passengers in the flight to go to Chennai , the connecting flight will also be delayed to match and take these passengers to Chennai. He also gave us a wrong information that if we cancel it we will lose the entire amount. Basis this confirmation at the airport, we agreed to travel by bearing this inordinate delay. But to our surprise your airlines did not even provided water or snack to cope the delay and it was inhuman to treat me like this although I have reported while checking in that I am an hypertensive patient . As there was no food provided I could not take my medicine and my BP increased and I was suffering al through the travel to Colombo.

There was no msg or intimation about the delay and the steps taken by your airline at any point of time and all my requests to let us know and enquires were rudely turned down. I did not see business etiquette in the responses given by your airlines.

Upon very late arrival, at Colombo - after a big confrontation with your airlines, they accommodated me in UL 127 flight to Chennai that left Colombo at 1.40 PM on 20/9/2018. While boarding, I wanted a confirmation from your staff that my checked baggages are also loaded in to this aircraft, but to my surprise again a rude answer was given that it is the job of the airlines and they will take care, I need not worry. As I was tired with out food and medicine I did not have the stamina to argue with them and left the things to god. As expected by me , ON arrival at Chennai the baggage’s were missing. When I enquired they said that it will come by evening flight and promised that it will be door delivered. They asked for value of the baggage and I said it around 50000/= ( Fifty thousand each ) and totally 1.5 Lacs INR for all the three baggage. Your staff threatened that we should report only 50000/= In all other wise they will charge customs duty. I was wondering as how on earth airlines started charging duties from the passenger – again in view of my poor health that was detreating with out food and medicine, I was forced to sign the declaration for Rs 50000/-. Now they told us that we can either wait for another 5 hours to pick up or they will deliver. With out option we left the airport in vain.

To our harrow, the baggage did not arrive in the evening flight and all our fanatic approach to your airline were turned down and there was no proper response about the ware about of the baggage. I was compelled to spend around 25000/- ( twenty five thousand ) buy all the items like cloth cosmetics and bedding, Medicine etc as everything was in the checked in baggage.

As our calls were not responded, On the next day we went to airport again to enquire about our baggage and after the search of 4 hours in afternoon close to 1 Pm on 21/05/2018 the baggage’s were handed over to us in a broken condition. When we want to claim the damages no body in the airlines accept any responsibility and our letters in due course. Rather re directed us to make an online claim . All the three baggage was received in damaged conditions and its breakable contents also broke in side causing a considerable loss to us.

Photos of the broken baggage’s are attached

Hence for the harassments given to me by your airlines, and for the expenses incurred by us due to the in inordinate delay, and for the loss incurred by us due to breakage of baggage’s we claim 10000 US$ as a compensation failing which with we will approach the consumer court for a remedy and justice to us.

Kindly provide us with the proper compensation so that the legal battle can be avoided.

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By Swaminathan V, about Srilankan Airlines, , close to Riyadh, Ar Riyāḑ, Saudi Arabia
Posted online by admin, on 26 May 2018, view original version
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  • Broken Wheels of the bags are missing
  • Broken but they covered it with plastic to hide the breakage
  • Broken but they covered it with plastic to hide the breakage
  • Broken but they covered it with plastic to hide the breakage
  • Broken but they covered it with plastic to hide the breakage torn off on the sides and handles are...
  • Broken but they covered it with plastic to hide the breakage torn off on the sides and handles are...
  • Broken but they covered it with plastic to hide the breakage torn off on the sides and handles are...

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