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avoid at any cost

My friend and I had to cancel the flights because we could not fly. After the flights were cancelled we were upgraded to business classs and charged for this!!!! It took us 10 telephone calls, around 50 emails and 1.5 months of chasing to get our money back. The customer support in the UK on the phone spoke bad English and could not explain anything propertly. We got confusing messages on emails, were sent from one department to another and faced with numerous delays. Customer service is non existent like in the Sovient Union back in 1980s. the refund system is confusing and requires you to fill a form for each ticket. one department of the airline does not talk to another. we ended up complaining to their customer support team (we were given their detials after weeks of requesting them!) however we still faced delayes and only got the money back after 45 days of constant chasing.

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Economy BLR - CMB New

Do not trust in this Airline they will fraud you

احذروا من الطيران السيلاني المخادع لقد حجزت عليه رحلة من بانكوك للكويت و يتخللها ترانزيت ١٩ ساعة و عندما وصلت كولومبو انا و عائلتي اتجهت لكونتر...

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Business BKK - KWI 01/2018

Never coming back.

From Shanghai to Colombo to Riyadh I flew with Srilankan Airlines more than 10 times. They were 3 out of 5, but this specific one was awful for some...

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Economy PVG - RUH 07/2016 1 reactions
Mohamed R.

A short night

Flight was late because the incoming aircraft was delayed. The airline sent me an e-mail to tell me the score, but it was too late as I was already at the airport. We left more than an hour late. Seat was fine.

The aircraft an Airbus 320, with 6 abreast seating. I was lucky as it was a light load, and the seat next to me was empty. Still there was plenty of room.

The meal service was quick and efficient and the wine was worth drinking.

They were quick, so there was some sleeping time before the dawn came up.

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Economy CMB - BKK 11/2016
Shamrock 09

From the highlands of Sri Lanka to the plateau of India.

After a full week in the highlands of Sri Lanka, we headed back to the airport at Negombo, not far north of Colombo (the biggest city) and Kotte...

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Economy CMB - BLR More than 2 years 5 views

Very good experience

Check in very quick and easy in terminal 1.
The lounge is common with other airlines and not the best one. Boarding was quick with priority for business class passengers. Full flat seats was really good. The screen of the IFE was big enough but the choice of movies a bit limited for such a long flight. Food was also delicious with a very nice tea choice

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Business CDG - CMB More than 3 years 2 views

An airline to avoid

Hello, I used this airline four times in two weeks and I'd like to give you my opinion. The comfort on this airline is deplorable: worn-out seats...

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Economy CDG - RML More than 3 years 16 reactions 670 views

A Paris Colombo flight

I took a Paris-Colombo flight with this airline and I was disappointed with the service provided. The boarding actually took place at the scheduled time, but the the take-off was delayed by three hours (with very little in the way of explanation offered). The plane was outdated; my personal screen was out of service; and the stewardesses were snooty and unpleasant.
I wouldn't travel with this airline again.

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Economy CDG - CMB More than 3 years 1 reactions 257 views

Very nice flight with a very nice airline

Honestly, before having actually flown with this airline I was very hesitant because of the reviews I read on this site.
And I am very happy that I chose Srilankan Airlines! It was the cheapest flight and it was also direct!
The flight went well, we departed and arrived on time. There were some free seats in the plane, so that we were even able to get four seats for the two of us in order to stretch our legs.
There were individual screens with plenty of movies, although unfortunately only about 10 were in French.
The meals were good and the crew was very helpful and attentive.

Comparing to the other flights that I had the opportunity of taking (most notably with Iberia) and considering the prices offered by Srilankan Airlines, don’t hesitate for a second!

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Economy CMB - FRA More than 3 years 7 reactions 314 views

Upgraded at the last minute

I admit that I would have preferred to be upgraded on an airline like Emirates or Ethiad. However the service in this aging business class was perfect. Great service, an incredible choice of tea and champagne galore.

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Business CMB - CDG More than 3 years 1 reactions 123 views
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