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I have never been treated so poorly by an employee. I believe she stated her name was Krista. I arrived at terminal 3 international airport 2 and a half hours early for my flight. Arriving at the United Airlines desk there was problem, after problem with my ticket. They could not pull up my 3 month old daughters ticket so, they had to call customer service and find the ticket. After they fixed that, the system did not pull up our Australian visas. Then I had to give them each confirmation individually. At that point I only had 35 minutes to make it through TSA security. They held my formula to test it to make sure it wasn’t anything bad. I then I had 15 minutes to take the tram to the D gate. Our plane is set to leave at 7:34. My husband, my son and I with the stroller are running to the gate and we arrive at 7:30. When we get there the gate is already closed. I hear another women who obviously also missed her flight yell, “that if they are f***ing kidding the plane was right there and it wasn’t set to leave yet.” They said they weren’t going to open the gate.

At this point I feel drained. I’m literally about to cry from all the problems I have been having from United Airlines. One lady was trying to help us get on one of their partner company flights American Airlines and said she needed to call to make sure seats were open. Then the supervisor comes out while the lady is doing this. She states that we are not getting a flight till tomorrow. I asked if she could please look and see if their was some other flights on their partner airplanes. She looks at me with a rude smile and states, “who’s fault is it you missed the plane.” In disbelief I replied it was “their system and that traveling tomorrow isn’t ideal because we have a 3 month old and traveling is hard enough to get here one day let alone having to do the same thing tomorrow.” She started to become hostile so my husband tried to calm the situation she proceeded just trying to make the tickets for tomorrow without checking other options. So I ask her again if she will please check. She then states, “ I’m going to get your husband a ticket and then I’ll worry about you.” At this point I honestly had enough. I started to video tape her and caught her and her unbelievable attitude on tape. I asked her again to please check and see if their were other options. I said she is disagreeing to help me. She stated that, she is done, and walking away. As she is leaving she states, “GOOD NOW YOUR GOING TO BE HERE FOREVER, NOBODY HELP HER LET HER SIT THERE.” I realized she said that because a manager wouldn’t be there for a long time. She didn’t care that I had an infant, or that her already flying on a long flight is hard enough. She treated me like a second class citizen instead of handling the situation and trying to fix it she was rude and hostile knowing that I have an infant and I am obviously upset. She could have told me that she understands why I’m upset and that she will do everything she can. If at that point all they had was a plane ticket for tomorrow that would have been fine. She didn’t even make an effort. When she found out it was their error as to why I missed my flight she didn’t even apologize. She had no compassion that I not only had a small child but a three month old infant. The customer next to me tapped my arm in understanding. As she saw how rude this lady was towards me. I can’t believe how this employee treats customers. #unitedair please investigate this situation so this employee does not treat anyone else like this.

Please go on Facebook and view my post and video. Please share so no one else has to go through what I did. Also so United Air really investigates this. Thank you for your support.

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