What a nightmare, do not book with them

Review of Steph2001 about the flight United Airlines between Montreal Trudeau and Cancun on 29/04/2014 in Economy
Steph2001 UA / UAL YUL / CUN
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

This is by far the worst airline I've ever booked with. It was a nightmare and I'm not a fussy person either. I won't explain everything because I'd be writing for 3 days. But here are some things that you always wish won't happen.

1) The plane was late, so we missed our connection flight in Chicago to get to cancun.
2) Once in chicago, they booked us another flight, with another connection flight in Texas.
3) Once in Texas, have a look at my boarding pass, they put me on standby.
4) Finally, we were suppose to get to cancun at 2:00pm, we got there at 11:00pm.
5) Waiting for our luggage, GUESS WHAT, they lost our luggage. Were from Canada, we got there with our sweaters, jeans, shoes. So we are stuck in cancun without any bathing suit, sandals, sunscreen, toothbrush.... I also have a medical condition so no medications.

The return flight
1) Accidentally cancelled our flight. The flight wasn't cancelled itself, they just cancelled us from the flight, so now the plane is full.
2) Finally found us another flight. But it was the only one left so we have to sleep in Washington, and the next day leave for Montreal.

And this is a part of our nightmare. I wouldn't recommend this airline to my worst enemy.

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1 / 5
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2 / 5
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By Steph2001, about United Airlines, , close to Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada
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