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Avoid United at all costs.

Sparing the outlandish details, at the end of the nightmare with United we'd experienced:
-delays, missed connection, cancelled flight, rebooked flight
-no sleep for almost two days
-missed day of vacation
-out of pocket expenses not planned for
-lost luggage (We had nothing but our carry on for FIVE days!)
-wasted Taxi an hour back to the airport to get luggage as they promised it was now there - it was not.
-Hours on the phone trying to rebook, trying to track luggage, and then trying to file claims. HOURS on hold! HOURS speaking to people who had no clue.
-WORST customer service ever!

We will never, ever, fly with United again. You are taking a risk. We were unaware of their reputation with delayed/cancelled flights and lost luggage. We learned the hard way.

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Economy MCI - ATH 05/2019

Excellent Flight

Just when we were about to push back, the flight attendants came over and asked me if I would like a free upgrade. And of course I said yes. They told me that they were giving their Gold and Silver members free upgrades to Business class. The service in Business was excellent. Good job United!

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Economy TPE - SFO More than 2 years


UNITED AIRLINES EMPLOYEE WITH HORRIBLE UNNECESSARY ATTITUDE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE I have never been treated so poorly by an employee. I believe she...

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Economy SJD - LAX 12/2018

Robbed by United Airlines

We first informed United Airlines via email on September 13th, several weeks before we were to embark on our journey with regards to changing one...

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Economy TPE - SFO More than 2 years

Highway Robbery!

United Airlines can careless for their paying customers! I paid in full over 2 weeks in advance for my flight and they cancelled my ticket without even making a attempt to notify me that my return ticket was cancelled.

Didn't even offer a refund;plus they turn around and try to resell me the same seat I had paid for for an additional $327!

They have no right to decide for the paying customer whether the customer needs their booked seat or not. Customer Service treated me like garbage. I highly recommend avoiding this airline at all cost!
I would never fly on united again nor will my expended family!

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Economy IAD - ATL More than 3 years

The Worst Trip of My Life.

I will never take this airline again.

Frequent cancellations and delays, disorganized staff, lack of information and all of this without any compensation or goodwill gestures.

I was only able to take my NY- Chicago flight, which was scheduled for Friday at 7:00 pm, on Saturday at 3:00 pm.

I lost a day of my trip, and the reservations I made in Chicago, and I had to pay for another night in a hotel in NY. However, the worst thing was that I missed the wedding of one of my best friends, where I was supposed to be the Maid of Honor! That's a loss that you can't put a price on.

It was just a nightmare, the worst experience of my life.

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Economy EWR - ORD More than 3 years


They provided the basic things you would expect from an airline: assuring transportation from one place to another in comfortable conditions and adequate safety.

On the other hand, you shouldn't expect more: the quality of the food was disappointing, the flight crew didn't exude much friendliness, the entertainment system was asthmatic and the air conditioning was turned all the way up.

I ended up having a good flight despite the 40-minute delay, but I think that United could do a lot better.

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Economy FRA - IAH More than 3 years

Horrible !

Worst flight of my life! Be treated like an animal! 1st seat broken (for a night flight, you can imagine...), and the second was... incomplete, needed to wait 25 minutes stand up before somebody wanted finally to fix it. We are waited sooooo long for the meal (tiny one, by the way). Just to know, if you have money you can have "good seats", I mean not broken, not between the toilets AND the staff maybe gonna talk to you with respect. I just say maybe... I suppose they talk better to their own dogs. I'm gonna pass on the 50 min late for the flight.... Never again flying with United. This is only my opinion on a Chicago-Paris flight but, actually, the Paris-Chicago was the same pain.

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Economy ORD - CDG More than 3 years 2 views

Review of the flight Omaha-Chicago

I traveled in economy and as always, I didn't had enough seat for my leg. But the flight went smoothly and was really fast, a bit less than an hour, so of course I didn't had the time to watch the private screens (you have to pay for it), or to eat (complimentary drinks). The view was amazing as always, and the plane was nice, not too old, and the flight attendants were regular.

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Economy ORD - OMA More than 3 years 1 reactions 1 views

Review of the flight Houston-Tampa

This was a regular flight, not too long. As usual with the Miles and More gold card, I had a free bag but we had to pay 6 dollars to get access to the private screens so I didn't use them, even though it seems to have the live tv on board. The flight attendants were nice but not too much, and I only got a free drink during the flight. The legroom was OK, but I could have used more.

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Economy IAH - TPA More than 3 years 3 views
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