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Review of ASH66 about the flight Easyjet between Prague and Bale Mulhouse on 26/07/2019 in Economy

My plane was diverted from Basel to Zurich. This was not the fault of easyJet. Nor would I give them a bad review for that kind of problem. It is how they handled us post problem that was not acceptable and I would describe as horrible... and possibly negligent. I was left stranded in Zurich near midnight (not familiar at all with Zurich) and told to figure out how I would get to my destination on my own...

Here is the text from them:

We're sorry that your flight has diverted to Zurich airport. This is due to the closure of Basel airport. The disruption is beyond our control and is considered an extraordinary circumstance. We're very sorry but due to high demand in Zurich we are unable to arrange onward transport for you. If you’re able to make your own arrangements, we will refund the cost. Please retain all your receipts in order to make your claim. If you need any further assistance please speak to one of our ground crew in the airport who will be happy to help you.

Note "if you are able to make your own arrangements" and "one of our ground crew in the airport... will be happy to help you"

I found one of the ground crew and kindly asked them for help. They told me "go catch a train" ( I remained very polite since I know it isn't their fault) . I asked them where the train station was and if they could help me figure out which train... they stated just walk straight and turn left you will see a train station... (that is all they would say or do... I was left in shock...)

They offered no other assistance. I found the airport train station and because it was late at night no one was working there. I had to go to the automatic ticket machines. After struggling for 15 minutes... I found out that to get to Basel I would have to take two trains and one bus.... all of this in the middle of the night in a place I am unfamiliar with.

Why couldn't they have at least given us a map and a guide to which trains we would need to take?... this could have been very easy for them to print out and offer...

When I arrived at Basel (after 2:00 am) I was informed that a KLM flight who was in the same predicament as my easyJet flight - diverted to Zurich... told their passengers to wait and when the storm moved past... flew them on to Basel.

I would avoid this airline at all costs... they don't really care if you make it to your destination nor do they care about your personal safety. I am still struggling to understand how they can drop you off in a different place and do nothing to help you get to your intended destination. Warning to all… if your flight has issues you can end up stranded... luckily, I was in a fairly safe location.

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