Very bad experience, every flight, consistently, very bad (unless you like to be treated like cattle)

Review of DisappointedNH10 about the flight Easyjet between London Gatwick and Paris Charles De Gaulle on 04/10/2017 in Economy plus
DisappointedNH10 U2 / EZY LGW / CDG
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 2 years ago.

My company started to book me on easyJet (Flexi fare). What a nightmare !
I've waited 10 flights to see if things would improve... they didn't :-( so I think it is high time to share !

1. The bad experience starts even before you reach the airport. Once you have checked in for a flight on the App, even if you change your reservation, the old boarding pass stays in the app instead of being deleted: confusing :-(. The way to choose your seat is easy for the first flight but complicated for the return. Then you cannot change it yourself.

2. By the way, you can only check in until 2 hours before departure. I like to check in on the way to the airport once I know I will get my flight. Nope, you have to check in way before, while you are busy on other stuff :-(. Once, the check in with the app or via their website didn't work, so I tried to call the customer service helpline: waited 15 minutes before they answered saying they couldn't do anything :-(

3. You are now on your way to the gate, it is 1/2 hour before your flight whose boarding gate is 10 minutes away. Normally no stress...not with easyjet, where they make you believe your gate closes 25 minutes before your flight, so you run only to realize it hasn't even started boarding !! :-(

4. Speaking about boarding...You can see from the gate that the plane isn't ready for boarding (even still disembarking the previous flight's passengers sometimes), but they will anyway pack the maximum number of passengers in the jetway, and close the boarding door even before the first passenger has boarded the plane (!) in order for the boarding employees to quickly escape (for what ? to quickly go and start the boarding of another flight too early: what is the point ? Or maybe they are subcontracting to an understaffed company (?). The employee to whom I complained didn't seem to care at all !
In short, if you have a SHORT CONNEXION, forget about your connecting flight. Expect to fly on the next flight, with your luggage on the following one hopefully :-(

5. You think you are better off with a more expensive Flexi fare ticket (that is what we travel with) ? Good thing is you could go fast lane at airport security, but in Paris at easyJet terminal there are no fast security lanes, while in Gatwick all the lanes are decently fast ! But then it is at the boarding gate that you realize how much you are robbed by the "SPEEDY" boarding dream: you are entitled to board first, but then (see point 3 & 4) you are also sure to be the one who waits the longest of all, standing up 1/2 hour in the jetway, until you can actually board the plane. You can also board last, thinking that as a Flexi fare passenger sitting on the front rows, they will keep room in overhead bins for your hand luggage like other airlines do. Nope !! So whenever you board, you are fucked :-(

6. The flight in itself is more or less OK, disregarding the awful orange color everywhere and the styleless uniforms, the stewardesses are usually smiling, except when they bother you, at the first and emergency exit rows, to the point that you cannot have your sweater on your shoulders. They tell you to put it on completely or store it in the overhead bins (can you believe that ? I saw it on several flights !! ). This time they bothered me saying that I needed to fold my iPad cover during the descent, in a way that I wasn't able to use the Bluetooth keyboard which is part of that iPad cover !! This is crazy !!!

7. As Flexi fare passengers, you are entitled to £7 value of food and drinks aboard. Too bad most cabin crew don't seem to know ! Some know but are not able to see it on your boarding pass, nor on their passenger list. Some ask you for a coupon (while the website say they are a paperless airline) !!

8. During the approach the cabin crew don't seem to realize that speaking loud with each other about their private life is of no interest to neighboring passengers !!! Worse, last time they were speaking about themselves being exhausted from working so much, to the point that they cannot perform their safety duties properly; and also even speaking about PILOTS sharing the same concern, some having left the airline although after having made it all the way to captain instructor and examinor, to join other airlines even as a lower rank for SAFETY reasons. Frightening experience :-((

9. When we boarded, the temperature inside the plane was very hot, and the pilots only put the airconditionning on at the last minute. Saving until the last bit of gas at the expense of passenger comfort is not ok and makes you feel like cattle again.

Overall, I avoid this airline at all cost !!

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1 / 5
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1 / 5
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2 / 5
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4 / 5
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2 / 5
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