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Review of scott about the flight Easyjet between Venice and London Gatwick on 29/05/2017 in Economy
scott U2 / EZY VCE / LGW

Very poor standard of cabin crew name Elena
On a recent Easyjet flight from Marco Polo to Gatwick we went to put our bags into the overhead locker above our allocated seat. At that moment, another passenger (from a different row) suddenly started to put his luggage into the same overhead locker. When I explained that this was directly above my seats he continued to load all his bags into the locker and also put his arm across the locker so nobody else to use it or but their bags into it. One of the cabin crew stood right there was and simply watched this passenger reserve and “hog” all the luggage racks. When I raised this with her she simply shrugged her shoulders and told me to “put it somewhere else then.
Further consequences of this were that on exiting the aircraft it was difficult and time consuming for us and other passengers because we had to try to locate our luggage which she had made us stagger around various places on the aircraft.
In addition to this she never had a name plate on and when we asked her name she refused to give it. She actually stated sarcastically that “I have not got a name”. This was very frustrating and she should be totally ashamed of herself.
We brought this to the attention of the Cabin Crew manager “Davide” who could give no explanation for her conduct or behaviour and simply said that he was not there so could not comment. He did not want to provide the cabin crews name however when we explained that we were going to raise a formal complaint and that there was only six crew anyway it could easily be established he eventually detailed that her name was Elena.
The attitude and unprofessional conduct of this cabin crew member was unbelievable, and she was a poor impression of EasyJet. Elena desperately needs some additional training in customer care and politeness.
Obviously the standard of cabin crew is very poor with Easyjet as they appear to allow them to “reserve” the overhead luggage for various passengers, do not wear nameplates and passengers are told “i have no name” when it is requested.

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By scott, about Easyjet, , close to Crawley, England, United Kingdom
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