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Review of Abigail Clarke about the flight Easyjet between Newcastle and Belfast on 26/05/2016 in Economy
Abigail Clarke U2 / EZY NCL / BFS

I had a flight booked in May from Newcastle to Belfast to attend a wedding the following day. You

On the morning of our flight we got a text message to advise our flight had been cancelled. After hours of being on hold we finally spoke to a customer service representative who in effect told us there was nothing she could do. I asked to speak to a manager, she advised us that we could find an alternative mode of transport and would be refunded the extra we had to pay.

As there were 7 members of our party we could not find any alternative flights from anyway in the country to get us to Ireland in time for the wedding. We had no alternative but to book a ferry from Cairnryan to Belfast which cost us £1000 plus the cost of petrol for 2 vehicles and the ware and tear of the vehicles for a 1000 miles round trip for both vehicles. Not to mention the 24 hours wasted on travelling.

After arriving home I followed the policy's and procedures to have our money refunded. They did refund the flight money but after months of contacting EasyJet regarding the extra expense of getting there via car and ferry, we received a reply tonight telling us they will reimburse us approximately £80 which doesn't come close to the £500 extra we had to pay out.

We are wanting to make people aware of the fact that even if they say they will reimburse you they fail to do so. They have no idea of the amount of money spent in preparation to attend this wedding then to text a few hours before departure not even a telephone call. Not to say the stress and worry of not being able to attend the wedding of a close family member. Then trying to blame the cancelation on french air strike when an earlier flight left with no trouble.

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By Abigail Clarke, about Easyjet, , close to South Shields, England, United Kingdom, via its phone
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