Very dissatisfied customers, who felt deceived by rules and fees.

Review of JoMa about the flight Easyjet EZY481 between Belfast and Edinburgh on 20/05/2014 in Economy
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

We were a party of 6 from the USA traveling through parts of Ireland; then to Edinburgh and London. On March 4, 2014 I booked with Easy jet as the fare came up very reasonable and was actually cheaper than a train ticket. 4 of our party are students so this helped their budget. The reviews I read on online regarding Easy Jet mostly stated that they do things a little differently and that included their luggage requirements and that they at times will cancel flights at the last minute.Easy Jet encourages their customers to check luggage on line for an extra 10 pounds a bag. I looked at all their material very carefully. They state that checking bags at the time of check in will be more, but NOT how much more. A few weeks before we left I paid for 3 bags to be checked. We all measured our carry on luggage, and they were within the bigger allotment size they allow except for one larger one that my husband and I had. All of our carry on luggage (the smaller) came on the flights with us on from the US on American Airlines and as we have all traveled before, these bags were never a problem in the past. But to be safe, I paid for 2 extra bags to be checked besides our one big one. We arrived at the check in site well before the advertised time that it closes 40 min before departure time. There were two women at the desk. The younger lady on the right checked us in. The older woman on the left checked in their frequent fliers, I believe. We checked the 3 bags. The young lady asked us to put the remaining pull bag luggage in the test bin for size. One of the girls' would not fit as her luggage, while within the parameter, was larger with clothes and belongings.. She was charged 30 pounds to check that smaller one alone! We were the only customers at the desk at this time. ALL of us were carrying small back packs or purses, my husband had a shoulder bag. These were clearly visible. Not one word was said to us about these bags in addition to the pull luggage we were carrying. In their literature about cabin bags, which also shows up when you print your boarding pass, they show a picture of the pull luggage indicating luggage, not hand bags. We had no idea that hand bags are considered part of the cabin baggage! I did not see this described in any of their other literature and have never in any other travels, had purses or smaller back packs that fit under the seat to be considered "luggage". Instead when we were at the gate, in line to board the plane, the older lady who sat to the left at the check in counter suddenly appeared, walking down the line and pulled three of us out of line stating that we had too many cabin bags, indicating that our purses and/or back bags had to now be stowed in the pull luggage in order for us to board! We sat near the gate trying to figure out how we were going to accomplish this and still be able to get our bags in the test bin! Had this been pointed out to us at check in, we could have done something to add or shift things around to the luggage that was already paid for as check in luggage. Now with the plane boarding, and absolutely no options, we were told that since we had too much carry on and could not combine and still pass the bin size, we would now be charged to check the luggage. We were charged 45 pounds per bag.( a total of 135 pounds)! I cannot tell you how shocked and dismayed we were. This in addition to sitting there with luggage open in front of every other passenger who was boarding the flight. When we boarded the plane we were told nothing was allowed under the seats in front of us and I was also not allowed to keep my jacket around my shoulders and had to stow that as well. The cabin attendants also came frequently to check if the girls, all in their twenties had there seat belts on, even on one occasion leaning over to the window seat and staring. It was the most uncomfortable and stressful experience I have ever had before or on a flight in all my 56 years of traveling around the world. And that is saying a lot! We would have been better off taking a train or flying another air line. This ended up costing us so much more money which was of course more stressful for the students. I believe that Easy Jet does false advertising, and that they are purposely vague about the luggage requirements as well as the cost of what they decide are the infractions. Their system may work very well for local people who fly them frequently, but for us coming from a different part of the world, these rules were not clear, and them not stating costs up front is deceiving their customers. To add insult to injury, they charged for standard drinks, Also there was no customer service from any one we were in contact with. There is, in our minds, nothing "Easy" about Easy Jet. We will never fly them again. Our flight from Edinburgh to London on Virgin Atlantic was by contrast the difference between night and day! We paid only 5 dollars more for those tickets pp and received wonderful service. It was the same size airplane, we all carried our luggage, and hand bags, (except for the over sized one which was checked) onto the plane. The luggage fit in the overhead bins, and our bags stowed under the seats. The service was pleasant and they did not charge for standard beverages and even handed out cookies. I believe as foreign travelers we were targeted by Easy Jet when we came to initially check in the three bags paid for on line. They purposefully did not address the issue of our hand luggage and instead waited till we were at the gate, with no options and charged us 50% more for each bag than the extra one that had to be checked at the desk. We find this to be intolerable service by an airline that advertises economical rates, but then collects extra with arbitrary rules and fees.
Sincerely, Mike and Ingrid Klansek

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By JoMa, about Easyjet, , close to Decatur, Indiana, United States
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highflier replied

These rules are covered in article 20.3.1 of the terms and conditions. I am sure you remember ticking the box saying that you had read them when you booked. Specifically:

"• any handbag, briefcase and/or laptop bag must be carried within the allowance of one permitted piece of Cabin Baggage. "

No you weren't targeted because you are foreigners. You were charged because you failed to understand that ONE item of carry on means ONE item of carry on - despite acknowledging that you had read the T&Cs that make this clear.

The user who posted the review has replied.

You are right. I went back and looked again, and I missed that. I was thinking it was in the context of carry on luggage vs handbags etc. I should have looked at that more closely. However, that does not excuse the fact that the ladies at check in, who were not busy at the time, did not bring that to our attention as we stood there checking in our other 3 pieces. They specifically asked us to place our roll on luggage we were taking on board in the test bin to make sure those fit but never mentioned the hand items we had. We could have adjusted for that with the things that were already being checked at that time. This would have saved us a considerable amount of money as I had already paid for those items on line. Thank you for your response.

highflier replied

This really all comes down to you not reading the terms and conditions rather than ay fault on Easyjet's part. Had you read and understood that one really means one, you could have made any adjustments before checking in.

The fact is that most people choose to keep things like purses and knapsacks out while they go through security and to the gate (so they can shop and have easy access to their contents) and then put them in their carry on bag before boarding, having left room because they were aware they needed to.

That is most likely why nothing was said about your purse etc. The check in staff would have assumed you had read and knew the rules and were going to comply before boarding.

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