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U2 / EZY

Problematic booking

The total price for one way from YVR to YYC suppose to be $195. At moment I was ready to proceed with payment confirmation the price on my screen changed to $228. I called customer service and listen litany about price increase and high demands on that date. They pretended to look at other dates but came with same inflated price. I new right away they lie and quickly hanged up. In minute I found ticket at Flight Hub for originally desired date for $169. The Easyjet uses crooked tactics. Be aware!

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Economy YVR - YYC 10/2019

easyJet worst Customer service I have every experienced

My plane was diverted from Basel to Zurich. This was not the fault of easyJet. Nor would I give them a bad review for that kind of problem. It is...

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Economy PRG - MLH 07/2019 1 reactions

Awful airline, horrible business

Had a family emergency where a family member was admitted to hospital and given only days to live. When I contacted EasyJet customer services and let them know the situation I just got a very matter of fact “it is not our company policy to refund flights in these circumstances” - no empathy and certainly not a company I would think many people would like to be associated with. I will never fly with this company again and would urge others not to spend money on a business with such a horrible way of dealing with its customers.

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Economy LGW - APF 06/2019

Last minute cancelations, don't book with easyJet

We booked this flight well in advance. I have never flown with easyJet and it was my first time traveling to and within Europe. Our flight was...

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Economy NAP - VCE 03/2019

What an awful service

First time on an Easyjet Plane, and it will be the last time I accept an easyJet flight, even if it is the cheapest flight available. Why? Well not...

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Economy STN - IBZ 06/2018

no gate to board made us missed a fly and rip off us last minutes tickets

We could not find the gate to board after checked in, we called them they told 15 minutes they come. We lost 4 hours no one come. They kicked us out of the air port 10 minutes before the next fly to ask us to pay for the next 5 minutes fly. How come we get a new tickets and check in security and walk to the gate for 5 minutes? the new ticket is 10 times expensive than the one we paid! What the rip off??? Never want this easyjet exist any more! Never want to see or fly with easyjet again! Terrible air fly!

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Economy LTN - CDG 03/2018
Man C.

My flight was cancelled.

I booked our holiday a few months ago and each of us was looking forward to this trip. When we arrived to the airport everything was fine.After some...

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Economy GLA - PMI More than 2 years 2 reactions

Very bad experience, every flight, consistently, very bad (unless you like to be treated like cattle)

My company started to book me on easyJet (Flexi fare). What a nightmare ! I've waited 10 flights to see if things would improve... they didn't :-(...

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Economy plus LGW - CDG More than 2 years 1 reactions


Worst airline i ever travell. Worst costumer service. They play around with you and lie you all the time. i have a flight from Paris to Nice on the 17 of July 2017. They cancelled our flight. after doing 3 hours line in customer service, Employs very rude with attitude told us they cant do nothing only next day at night the can send us in another flight. We have to buy a ticket in another airline( we need to be in Nice that day). i may the claim on line they said i will have my money back in 14 days. its been more than 2 months. i haven't receive my money yet. Call every day, no answer, send more than 30 e mail no answer. completely scams. DO NOT TRAVEL IN THIS AIRLINE. WORST EXPERIENCE I EVER HAD IN MY LIFE

Economy ORY - NCE More than 2 years
carlos salazar
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