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Value (price + quality) 3,79 / 5
Comfort 3,21 / 5
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Your opinion of security 4,23 / 5
Food 2,51 / 5
Management of luggage 3,49 / 5
Comfort 3,21 / 5
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vava37 A complicated beginning but it was resolved quickly 4/5
Abigail Clarke Avoid at all costs 1/5
Opinions about Easyjet

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Do not travel with this airline !

Do not travel with this airline !

I had a motorbike accident 2 days ago and, even sending Easyjet all the reports (ambulance & hospital) with the information that says that I will have to be in the hospital for the whole week, they have not refunded my money, nor exchanged it for a voucher.

I was a regular client of this company but, after treating me like this, not anymore.

Do not give money to a company that treats its clients this shameful way.


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Economy MAD - CDG 10/2016
David R.

Avoid at all costs

I had a flight booked in May from Newcastle to Belfast to attend a wedding the following day. You On the morning of our flight we got a text...

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Economy NCL - BFS 05/2016
Abigail Clarke

Perfect flight but quite bumpy!

The flight was perfect. No wait time at the security and we were on time! The fligh was really agitated with a strong wind in London but the pilot was very good !

We arrived on time. Only problem again is the limit of 1 bag.

Even Ryanair changed their policy.

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Economy NTE - LGW 12/2015

Good Flight

Sièges : standards, non inclinables Distractions : magazines Repas : en plus mais aucun achat effectué Température : correcte Informations en vol ...

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Economy ORY - TLS 12/2015 1 views

Perfect flight !

A short flight between London and Lyon!

A bit early from LTN but can't complain.

Even if the airport is in refurbishing, everything is clear and easy.

They installed new gates to scan your boarding pass.

Then the security check is much better than previously.

I didn't really see the flight, because I slept all time :) but the staff was more than friendly.

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Economy LTN - LYS 12/2015

Bon vol

L'embarquement s'est fait au terminal billi dans les nouvelles parties récemment construites. Manque toujours des sièges pour patienter avant...

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Economy BOD - GVA 07/2015 1 views

Smooth and comfortable flight

I had a standard middle row seat. The leg room was adequate even though EasyJet staff insisted we keep bags their because "they didn't have enough space in the hold"...

The Usual publicity and promotions from the partners were present everywhere. The snacks were available even though overpriced some menues were worth it. The Captain and Staff spoke in their awful english accents but were understandable.

At arrival at Gatwick I discovered my luggage had been vandalised, but that's nothing to do with easyJet's service.

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Economy TLS - LGW 09/2015
Jacques B.


Departure was on time. There was a pleasant and friendly crew, and I was careful to choose the speed boarding option and get enough legroom, so it was very good.

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Economy LYS - OLB 08/2015 12 views

Very good flight

This flight was as good as the departure flight, and this time the ground crew worked better and was friendlier.
Cf. my previous review.
In my opinion, EasyJet has shown itself to be the best low-cost airline in Europe.

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Economy TLS - FCO More than 3 years 4 views

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