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Charged me twice on my credit card for flights

Not a good start. I booked via email with Air Caledonie to secure tickets with 20 kg baggage allowance for flights in september. They actioned 4 debits and 2 credits for the fares, so have charged me double. I emailed them to action one more credit over 2 weeks ago and have had no response. I now have to go via my bank to try and recover the money. What a mess they must have.

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Economy ILP - GEA More than 3 years 2 reactions 1 views

Spectacular views

What is there to say about this flight between Nouméa Magenta Airport and the Isle of Pines? Not much, unless it's "Wow, the views!"
The cabin was small but OK; sit where you like. No problems boarding; nobody in a hurry or jostling. No drink during the flight, but is one necessary on a 20 minute flight? You board the plane straight from the tarmac.
Check-in is a bit like something from an other era, as is the procedure at arrival. You'd think you were out in the bush... on the other side of the world... and that is actually the case!

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Beware of the very strict baggage weight limit

Review of a flight I'd so love to take again... Destination was the Isle of Pines, off the Nouméa coast. Departed from Magenta Airport with Air...

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Worthy of the low-cost name

Difficult to book
Impossible to pay online
No drinks
No in-flight entertainment
Ok leather seat
Ok take-off and landing
Bags arrived late for one of the segments
Crew present and competent during welcoming and disembarkment

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Economy GEA - LIF More than 3 years 2 reactions 1 views
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