They replaced our flight with one two days later then would not allow us to cancel and refund

Review of mcgreave about the flight Air Caraibes between Paris Orly and San Francisco on 22/05/2018 in Economy
mcgreave TX / FWI ORY / SFO

Extremely sketchy airline. They cancelled our flight back from Paris due to "operational difficulties" and said they could only book us on a flight TWO DAYS later. They would not refund us the money for the flight even though they could not offer anything even close to what we booked.

Their customer service just sent us in circles: call this number, call back tomorrow, submit a ticket here, email this address, call this other number. The company hides behind their phone reps, having them continuously say "The company has issued a statement saying they will not refund anyone's money for the flight".

WTF, if you cancel a flight and can only replace it with a flight two days later you better give customers the opportunity to take a refund.

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By mcgreave, about Air Caraibes, , close to Menlo Park, California, United States
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