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Review of kama_z about the flight Air Caraibes between Port Au Prince and Paris Orly on 01/07/2015 in Economy
kama_z TX / FWI PAP / ORY
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

This will be a negative review, so let me introduced myself first. I am a Canadian seasoned flyer. I travel approximately every 2 months for business. This year alone I have flown in and out of PAP airport 6 times. I have used American Airlines, Delta, Air France, Spirit, Dominican Plus, Air Canada, Air Transat, US Airways. I have experienced flight delays, and lost luggage. However, all the airlines were always quick take accountability for all the issues that encountered. They would always resolve my complaints by either issuing me refunds or credits for additional cost incurred, or Fed Ex my luggage to an address of my choice. All but Air Caraibes...

I flew from Port Au Prince, Haiti to Orly, Paris. However, my final destination was Brussels, Belgium. So, I purchased a ticked that included a train connection between Paris and Brussels (TGV Air ticket).

First of all, the flight left PAP 2 hours late, with no explanation from the crew or captain. After a short time in the air, the plane landed in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where again it was delayed by 1.5 hour with no explanation. I should ad that the weather condition were perfect (clear, hot, dry).

It was obvious that the passengers in the economy class were neglected by the crew. Their attention was concentrated on the passengers in Business class. The service was just awful (So much so that I upgraded my return flight to Business class. I believe they call it Madras).

According to my reservation, a shuttle bus was supposed to take the TGV Air passengers from Orly to the Massy train station. We waited 45 minutes for the bus which never showed. It turned out that the bus schedule they gave us at check-in is outdated, and that there is no shuttle bus between 2PM and 4PM...even if they are fully aware that the plane is delayed.

So I end up taking a taxi to the train station for 35 Euros. Which the airline refused to refund or credit. At the train station, it was obvious that I had missed my train. But what I didn't expect is that even though there were trains leaving every hour, I was only allowed to take a train that was scheduled to leave 3 hours later. Not because the trains were full, but simply because that was the type of train Air Caraibes had booked (the slower non direct train, not the high speed train). After travelling for over 12 hours, and jet lagged by 6 hours, there was no way I was going to wait 3 hours for a train that would take another 4 hours to reach my final destination.

So I spent 100 Euros to get on the next train.

The date of my return flight, the attendant at the Air Caraibes counter refused to take my complaint and referred me to the website or their customer service line.
The company has a link on its website where you can submit your claims. I used it twice, and never received confirmation that my claim was received. I finally emailed their customer service department, who kindly forwarded my email to the right department.

But unfortunately, the company felt it was not their fault that the plane was delayed, nor that their shuttle bus was absent, or that I was expected to wait 3 hours for a train.

I learned my lesson. The price of my ticket was 865 Euros. Air France would have cost approximately 1000 Euros. Air France would have flown me to Brussels. I have never experienced delays with Air France. They have never lost my luggage, and their customer service is one of the best I have experienced out of Port au Prince so far.

Air France and Air Caraibes cover the same route. If you have to choose. I strongly recommend Air France.

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By kama_z, about Air Caraibes, , close to Prince, Departement de l'Ouest, Haiti
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