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Comfort 4 / 5
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An excellent flight!

The flight was on a Boeing with comfortable and clean seats. What's more, the plane was not very crowded.
They provided a few magazines to read.

They served us a beverage as well as a small meal: turkey sandwich, a small salad and a small chocolate cake.

Takeoff and landing were masterful, especially the landing which we didn't even feel because it was so smooth.

The temperature in the cabin was just right: in the 70s. Check-in and boarding were done on time and the takeoff was even a few minutes early.

After a short wait for security, our luggage was already waiting for us on the baggage carousel in Lyon. No problems to report and no damage to the luggage.

The flight crew was very pleasant and friendly

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Economy TUN - LYS More than 2 years 2 reactions 39 views

It was a normal flight

It was impressive to fly on Tunisair, but all was simply perfect. There was not entertainment on the plane but, the flight didn't take very long.

Landing and take off were good and the food was good too. I didn't have problem with my luggages.

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Economy TUN - LYS More than 2 years 1 reactions 7 views

A éviter

Le départ qui aurai du avoir lieu le 5 juillet 2013 à 14h n'est toujours pas la. Il est 19H37, toujours rien de prévu. C'est inadmissible en sachant qu'il y a des personnes agées, des enfants etc... il se permette de tel retard sans aucune explication. A éviter, mauvais accueil du personnel, se croyant supérieur à vous avec une arrogance déplacé. A evité en sachant que nous sommes arrivé à l'aéroport à 11h du matin. Voyez par vous même VOL TU850.

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Economy TUN - LYS More than 3 years 5 reactions 87 views

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