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Review of ericbear about the flight Tunisair between Cairo and Tunis on 31/08/2017 in Economy
ericbear TU / TAR CAI / TUN
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 2 years ago.


First, a couple good things.

1) cabin crew was nice.
2) one flight attendant offered us their salad because we couldn't eat anything else.

Our first flight from CAI to TUN (# 814) on Aug 31, 2017 was delayed with initially no delay notification.

We were delayed for this flight in the airport for over 4 hours with no food.

Once on board the plane, we did not get the vegetarian meal that we requested when booking our tickets.

Upon arrival in Tunis a representative told us that our meals, a hotel and transportation to and from the hotel would be provided to us free of charge. We were denied our request for a dinner voucher (after not having eaten all day), shops were closed so we didn't eat dinner.

We talked with a representative who confirmed in the computer that we had selected the vegetarian meal option when we reserved our flight but somehow the request had not gotten through the system and he was unable to correct this for our next flight because of late notice to the caterers. So we went on another flight without food.

Our flight from TUN to MAD on Sep 1 was again delayed and initially, we were not told how long we would have to wait.

During our long wait in the Tunis airport, we were given a single meal voucher. The meal that was provided didn't have anything we could eat and it took numerous difficult conversations, and over an hour, and requests from multiple people to get something that we could eat, and only then were we given a very small serving of vegetables, far less food than the equivalent standard meal.

The flight 606 from TUN to MAD was delayed, again, past the rescheduled time. No new vouchers or meals were provided. Our flight didn't end up departing until at least 5 hours after the original departure time. We have a photo of the flight announcement board showing this.

On the plane, again, the vegetarian meal we had ordered was not provided.

Our plan was to be picked up by our friends who drove 3 hours from Portugal but since the flight was so delayed so long, and we were not given information about the delay, even though we asked, that we arrived Madrid past midnight, they had to pay for a hotel to sleep for the night.

We were told to wait by the customer desk at Tunisair's counter in the airport, and we waited there for an hour and no one showed up.

We had to pay for a taxi into the city, struggled to find something we could eat (having eaten so little in the past days) and pay for a hotel to stay that night.

We told our experience to a tunisair representative in Madrid who said that she would take care of it if we emailed her our experience. We did so, and she never responded. We also emailed several other places in the organization and no one ever responded.

We filed a complaint report on one of our return flights, which no one ever responded to as well.

In January, I continued to make calls to speak with a person on the phone. I spent hours on different lines, being referred from one place to another with every staffer I spoke to "not having the authority" to do anything about it, nor able to transfer me to someone in their department who could.

On January 19th I finally found an agent in your office in Montreal who said that they would be able to resolve the situation, and would respond soon. No one got back to me until I had to reach out again on Feb 26th asking about the status of the claim, and only then did the agent ask me for my home address. After weeks of continued attempts, eventually a response from customer service, addressing none of my complaints was sent.

Worst Airline ever.

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