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Delays, delays, delays

In one trip I had to fly Tunis Air 4 times. Only one of them was not delayed. The first one, from Amsterdam to Tunis was delayed for 6 hours. The return flight was delayed for 3 hours.
Positive: the crew was nice.
The planes are old. The toilets don't function well so even if you feel adventurous enough to fly Tunisair, don't accept a seat close to the toilets. The smell is unbearable.
The temperature was way too hot. Passengers had to ask for A/C and still it was way too hot.
The quantity of the food is average, however the quality is really bad.

The service of the flight attendants in the plane was good, however ground staff in Tunesia Airports was rude.

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Economy AMS - TUN 05/2018 1 reactions

Horrible Airline

WORST AIRLINE I'VE EVER EXPERIENCED. First, a couple good things. 1) cabin crew was nice. 2) one flight attendant offered us their salad because we...

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Economy CAI - TUN 08/2017

One of the best!

One of the best Airlines out there!
Boarding was easy.

The seats are comfortable, had ample leg room on a normal seat.

Drinks and snacks were very tasty.

Love TunisAir

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Economy ORY - TUN More than 2 years 1 reactions

A Marseilles-Tunis Flight Without Problems, and Early.

The TU929 flight was the last of the day (Tunisair carries out 3 Marseilles-Tunis rotations a day) and we were afraid of a considerable cumulative delay.

In reality, we left exactly at the scheduled time and arrived in Tunis 10 minutes early. The plane was a Boeing 737-600 that was a little old (put into service in 2001) but seemed in good shape.

The impression of security was total. Luggage check, attitude of the crew, organization of the boarding (first rows 10 to 22 then the others), disembarkation by bus, baggage handling.

Everything was perfect. We got a snack (a little bland) and beverages as well as tax-free articles, which is great for a 1h15min flight.

In short, Tunisair has made progress in the last several months and that's a great thing.

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Economy MRS - TUN More than 2 years

Tunis-Nantes on the Best.

Check in and boarding had no problems, the flight was scheduled for 8 am. We boarded at 7:40 am by bus. The plane was old (a B737-600 put into...

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Economy TUN - NTE More than 2 years 3 reactions 55 views

A Pleasant Paris-Tunis Flight Without Problems.

The 8:00 am TU 725 from Orly is always on time because the plan arrives the night before; that means it's guaranteed that you will arrive in Tunis...

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Economy ORY - TUN More than 2 years 30 views

High-Quality Service on Tunisair.

Even though the flight was slightly late, and there was still no catering (it was reinstated on March 1), the Tunisair crew did everything it could to make the flight pleasant and to help me make my connection in Tunis (short connection) for Tozeur.

They reserved a special bus for me and so I was able to catch my plane without a problem (they even waited for me).

The plane was clean even if it was a little old. But the crew and the pilot were very good and it was completely safe.

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Economy NTE - TUN More than 3 years

Nice flight

Very nice flight between Marseille and Tunis with a driver who has held its flight in scheduled time and with a lovely accent. The welcome and...

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Economy MRS - TUN More than 3 years 2 views

An excellent flight!

The flight was on a Boeing with comfortable and clean seats. What's more, the plane was not very crowded.
They provided a few magazines to read.

They served us a beverage as well as a small meal: turkey sandwich, a small salad and a small chocolate cake.

Takeoff and landing were masterful, especially the landing which we didn't even feel because it was so smooth.

The temperature in the cabin was just right: in the 70s. Check-in and boarding were done on time and the takeoff was even a few minutes early.

After a short wait for security, our luggage was already waiting for us on the baggage carousel in Lyon. No problems to report and no damage to the luggage.

The flight crew was very pleasant and friendly

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Economy TUN - LYS More than 3 years 2 reactions 39 views
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