Forget the terrible seats and food - the customer service is in a league of it's own awfulness

Review of Sob about the flight Air Transat between Montreal Trudeau and London Gatwick on 27/12/2018 in Economy

I can truly say that in my 38 years of life, Transat wins as one worst customer service experiences of my life.

I tried to speak to someone at the airport after realising that I had left an item on my seat.
When I approached Vasmil (apparently the customer services manager), his response was immediately that he couldn't help me and that I would just have to go visit Left luggage in the departures lounge. When i persisted and asked if they had located it, i was told he didn't know and could do absolutely nothing more for me. He brushed me off and told me again to visit left luggage. I left confused and visited the left luggage desk as he suggested; they were surprised by the referral and said that they only deal with items left in the airport and that it is up to Air Transat to help me. Exhausted, I returned to see Vasmil, and explained the situation. His tone immediately became rude and he was clearly frustrated by me questioning his previous instruction. He raised his voice and told me it was my responsibility to take care of my things and that he wasn't going to do anything further to help me. I asked for his name and told him I was going to write to Air Transat and he kept yelling at me as I walked away from the desk. I was and am still shocked at his behaviour, to say the least.

I wrote to air transat - over a month ago- and have still had no response despite this auto message: If your email concerns a past trip, it will be assigned to one of our Specialists for investigation and response. Please note that a minimum delay of 30 days may be required for us to finalize your request.

AFter a follow up to their facebook page, a robot tells me: Hello Jennifer,
I truly sympathize with you, I know that wait can be frustrating. I have no updates for the moment.

A long story but the only message I can try and pass on is: DO NOT FLY WITH TRANSAT - it is truly not worth it

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By Sob, about Air Transat,
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