quality down, passengers treated as cattle, flight TS 2131-13Jan2017

Review of Sor about the flight Air Transat between Toronto Lester B. Pearson Intl and Ft. Lauderdale on 13/01/2018 in Economy

Like hell ! We woke up by 6am to be ready for 11am flight. Verified early in the morning if flight is on time . It was on time . Drove calmly back to airport to return the car rental. One hour before normal schedule an update on Air Transat site informed that the flight is delayed. One hour , two hours , almost three hours. Terminal 4 – E gates in FLL is not a wonderful place to wait and people were packed like cattle on four delayed flights towards Canada all in the same area of the terminal. Aircraft arrived at gate E9 and the nightmare began. Two ladies(so said customer representatives) became the bulldogs at the entry point behaving badly. Excuses , polite attitude and help were missing totally beside the late arrival and extended delay. The aircraft, a dirty Czech plane used as an operator for Air Transat was a choc for us. It was the same one which brought us in Dec. 30th to Fort Lauderdale (another 10 hrs nightmare). The seat pitch was the most tiny one in 25 years of travel by plane. The seats were physically damaged, non-functional and dirty. The TV monitors were not retrieved by the end of flight and passengers were hitting their heads on them. One hour waiting in the plane before flight, a 2hrs and 40 minutes flight and arrival at Toronto Pearson Airport after 5 pm , another half hour waiting for plane to be accepted at arrival and discharge point, and another one hour and 15 minutes for luggage retrieval. One luggage damaged badly. TOTAL of almost 10 hours for a flight of 2 hours and 45 minutes.
Never ever again with AIR TRANSAT especially when they subcontract the flights to other operators. As I said above, this second flight was almost an identical copy of our first flight in 30Dec2017 , same AIR TRANSAT , same operator. We accepted first flight delay considering weather was the main factor. Not today, not in Jan,13th when weather was good and Fort Lauderdale had a perfect sunny day . WE DO NOT RECOMMEND AIR TRANSAT !

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By Sor, about Air Transat, , close to Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
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