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Review of klemi about the flight TAP Air Portugal between Faro and Zurich on 16/01/2019 in Economy
klemi TP / TAP FAO / ZRH

Departure in Faro at 06:05 with scheduled landing in Lisbon at 06:50. Because of the poor visibility, the pilot had to stop the approach twice and fly back to Faro. This was followed by a 2 1/2 hour wait on the plane with the hope of a better view in Lisbon (with occasional distribution of mineral water as obviously there were no larger quantities of food on board). At 10:30 am, passengers were informed that a transfer to a larger aircraft would be made, and we were added via the terminal to the remaining passengers on that flight (with the replacement boarding passes being handed over inordinately to the transfer passengers). The flight to Lisbon went smoothly this time and the landing was possible despite minimal vertical visibility.
After leaving the aircraft, the passengers were transported by bus to an arrivals terminal. There was a small counter where 3 TAP staff tried to hand over the replacement boarding passes to the passengers from the canceled morning flight for the onward flight (unfortunately I could not make out an orderly system with which this happened).
For the next flight to Zurich was the transfer time, not least because of the late delay of the flight from Faro extremely scarce and as some replacement boarding cards couldn't be found, a TAP staff sent me along with several other passengers across the terminal building to the departure gate. Once there, another TAP employee told us that the check-in was already closed and we could pick up our replacement boarding passes at a counter behind the McDonalds.
So back to the Fast Food Restaurant and the seven counters where we should get the boarding pass for the onward flight (was not far from the spot where we entered the terminal). Of the seven counters, two were staffed by TAP personnel and in front of them a queue of 90 people. After 1 hour of waiting, the column had reduced to about 50 people and the lady at the counter for premium and Victory customers said goodbye and were not seen again. After another 1 1/2 hours of waiting I finally got around 16.00 clock the boarding pass for the onward flight.
Although TAP had five hours to organize a late delivery of replacement boarding passes, and the number of passengers with onward flights and their final destinations was known, the whole thing ended in chaos. The company was clearly unwilling to hire additional staff to handle the card handover quickly, and TAP apparently prefers that parts of its staff can loiter aimlessly around the airport building. The situation reminds me a lot of the Ostlock before 1989, in which I found a similar work ethic (but there was no competition in certain areas).
Maybe other passengers are more patient and capable of suffering than me, but I have found the matter an absolute joke to paying customers. Because of this key experience, I assume that in the future, not too often, the TAP logo will be found on one of my boarding passes.

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2 / 5
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2 / 5
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