Absolutely unbelievably bad customer service

Review of Cmkenny about the flight TAP Air Portugal between Miami and Geneva on 13/07/2017 in Economy
Cmkenny TP / TAP MIA / GVA

To say this airline shouldn't even be in business is an understatement. The customer service for them has been absolutely terrible. My wife flew on a ticket booked by American Airlines from Indianapolis to Geneva. There was a weather delay getting into Miami and she missed her connection to Lisbon. The Ticket counter for TAP Portugal was closed and so she called Travelocity. Travelocity called Tap Portugal who apparently said "it's not our problem, call American who issued the ticket." Travelocity called American who reissued the ticket. All of this was done in about an hour on the phone thanks to the delays from TAP.

Then I got an email four hours later saying that TAP had cancelled the ticket. I called Travelocity who called American. American said the ticket was issued and everything was good to go. I called TAP because I wanted to make sure she wouldn't be stranded, and they said they had cancelled the ticket and "no, it's not our problem". When I pressed them for a reason they transferred me to someone else who told me that American had reissued the ticket "incorrectly". And they would continue to cancel it until it was issued correctly. I had to press him to tell what was incorrect about the issuing of the ticket. It turns out it is because the ticket was issued from initially from Indianapolis to Geneva and the reissue had been from Miami to Geneva. So I called Travelocity back, who called American who of course explained, if she is already in Miami, they wouldn't issue her a ticket from Indianapolis. So now after three hours of phone time I'm on hold waiting for Travelocity to call Tap Portugal and try to resolve this non-issue. To say this airline shouldn't even be in business is an understatement.

Well, Travelocity has come back on the line and reported that everything is cleared up with TAP and she should be ok to fly out tonight. I certainly hope so, but this has been just ridiculous. I recommend that you stay far away from making any booking with this airline. I wouldn't even consider it again.

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By Cmkenny, about TAP Air Portugal, , close to Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland, via its tablet
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