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Horrible Airline!!

TAP cancelled our flight from Faro to Lisbon without notice! They just cancelled and offered No solution or option. We were forced to take a taxi...

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Economy FAO - YYZ 08/2019

Don't fly TAP

Worst service I've ever experienced! First the flight was overbooked, then they offer money (a credit card) and a new flight for the next day...

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Economy LIS - LHR More than 2 years
Catarina Schedel

Is a bad flight company don't trust to their web site ! Is a fake company

Is a VERY bad company ! Nobody care about the guest! They are unpolite with any education. We arrived at airport 2 hours before the departure. We...

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Economy LIS - MXP More than 2 years

Absolutely unbelievably bad customer service

To say this airline shouldn't even be in business is an understatement. The customer service for them has been absolutely terrible. My wife flew on...

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Economy MIA - GVA More than 2 years

Never again!

The flights were on time and pretty comfortable since there were only about twenty passengers going to Dakar. Aside from that positive point, the...

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Economy GVA - DKR More than 3 years 16 reactions 353 views

Very good flight for a one-week vacation

This was a good flight, as is often the case with TAP Portugal. The seats had enough room, as in the reviews that I've showed you previously. There was in-flight entertainment (television), magazines etc. and a good meal (sandwich, drinks, etc.), and pleasant cabin temperature (although when we entered the cabin it was hot). The announcements were made by the pilot. Check-in was long but our luggage was well treated. The takeoff was 5 minutes late but we arrived in Oporto early. The flight crew was very friendly and professional. We routinely take TAP since the quality of service was excellent and this airline is reliable (7th in the world). I'm sorry I don't have a photo, but I'll have one for the return flight, I promise.

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Economy ORY - OPO More than 3 years 3 reactions 178 views


it is not clear how such a company can have the monopoly to and from Brazil !!!!!! Parties on October 10 flight from Rome with tap vector but White...

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Economy FCO - LIS More than 3 years 3 reactions 17 views

No suitcases when we arrived in Lisbon

30/07/14 The plane was a small one, seating 49, and the stewardesses were nice and could speak French. When we arrived in Lisbon, our suitcases...

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Economy MRS - LIS More than 3 years 5 reactions 118 views
derdy 54

To be avoided

Takeoff was delayed and then it took another 12 hours to get back to Paris after a U-turn and another landing in Lisbon following a mechanical problem.

They gave us very few information and only in Portuguese. Fortunately, other passengers translated it to us.

The airline handled the situation according to the European legislation (we were taken to a hotel and transferred to the first flight of the following day).

Considering that our outward flight had already had a delay of two hours, we will avoid this airline.

There were no problems on our previous trip with Transavia….

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Economy LIS - CDG More than 3 years 4 reactions 112 views
patricia france
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klemi Shitty problem solution by TAP 2/5
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