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A Good Airline

This was a Paris- Los Angeles flight (layover for Tahiti).

The plane was clean with more than enough room (I was traveling with some big people and they had enough space).

The welcome was very pleasant, with a small flower offered and a friendly crew. The meals were high quality with the opportunity to have as many drinks as you wanted, and a snack was available.

Takeoff and landing were rough and there was a lot of turbulence during the route (no problem on the return flight, so it must have been a weather or wind issue).

No problems to report about the luggage or boarding. Individual screens with some movies. There wasn't a huge choice but there were different on the return flight, plenty of in-flight announcements, games, news, etc.

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Economy CDG - LAX More than 2 years 2 views

A very good flight

It was enjoyable flying with this airline. There were flowers on arrival. You could have all the drinks you wanted. The stewardesses were very cheerful and helpful. The food was of good quality. I would have no hesitation in using this airline again.

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Economy CDG - LAX More than 2 years 3 reactions 202 views
Emiliie W.

Fine Flight

Air Tahiti Nui is a decent choice for an international flight, and the price was very competitive. Leg room was small, and their were various movies to choose from. The travel kit was nice. The one odd thing, is they give you a flower when you take off, but due to US Customs not allowing foreign plants, they requested you throw it away before landing. I really appreciate the one free checked bag allowance.

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Economy CDG - LAX More than 3 years 1 reactions 11 views
Brandie J.

A very good flight

I've traveled with Air Tahiti Nui 4 times, always on Paris-Los Angeles flights, and I've always opted for this airline since they have a lot of legroom.
They had a screen for each passenger with numerous games, movies and some music, which is an important thing to have when you are taking an eleven-hour flight.
The meals were excellent, and what's more you could eat any time since they always had mini sandwiches and beverages available at the back of the plane.

Their flights always go well, with departures that are always on time and a crew that is friendly and helpful.

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Economy CDG - LAX More than 3 years 4 reactions 300 views

Flights and services were beyond reproach on this Paris-Los Angles-Paris trip.

I've already flown across the Atlantic ocean in economy class more than ten times, but this time it really was an absolutely excellent experience...

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Economy CDG - LAX More than 3 years 22 reactions 1,6k views

Superb flight, relaxing and with nice service

This was the first time I'd flown with the airline Air Tahiti Nui. I'd read some extremely positive reviews of the airline, and when I stepped off the plane after the flight my opinion was a very positive one too:

You're initially welcomed onto the plane with an offer of a Tiare flower, a flower you can see on the plane itself; it's Polynesia's national flower.
The hostesses and stewards are very nice and helpful as can be. The meals aren't as good as in a five star restaurant, but they're better than those of other airlines. All kinds of snacks are available to you, and there is a drinks service during the flight. As for in-flight entertainment, you have touch screens available which offer lots of new films. You also have access to music and games. In summary, I didn't find anything about my flight or the airline to complain about. The standards are the same in economy class except that the seats and meals are different.
Would I use this airline again?
Oh yes, absolutely! It's the best I've had the opportunity to travel with! And I strongly recommend it to you if you want to arrive at your destination relaxed and in good spirits!

Keep on flying

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Business CDG - LAX More than 3 years 17 reactions 1,5k views

Good flight experience, even with a small glitch in the TV system...

I flew with Air Tahiti before and so far it is my favorite airline when going from Paris to LA. CDG in Paris renovated their airport within the last...

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Economy CDG - LAX More than 3 years 18 reactions 79 views

Compagnie fiable

Vol sans encombre avec un personnel souriant et un avion à l'heure. Confort et services appréciables. Pas de souci, nous la choisirions à nouveau...

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Reply from the airline
Economy CDG - LAX More than 2 years 2 reactions

Peut mieux faire.

Avant le vol,impossible de s enregistrer,le site est avant tout destiné à promouvoir le tourisme.Donc pas d information importante,tel que le choix...

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Reply from the airline
Economy CDG - LAX More than 2 years 4 reactions 202 views

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