A nightmare I want to quickly forget.

Review of Nuella about the flight Turkish Airlines between Houston Intercont and Dubai on 13/02/2018 in Business
Nuella TK / THY IAH / DXB

I had a very traumatic experience with Turkish Airlines. My nightmare started when I missed my connecting flight from Turkey going to Dubai. The boarding pass had a time of 18:35 for boarding, and when I got to the gate at that time, they told me the flight had taken off. I was sent from one person to another there after and subsequently had a buy a visa ($30) at the airport in order to get to their ticket counter. At the ticket counter, the guy at the booth told me I had to pay $600 penalty for missing my flight and then another $2000 for a new ticket because I bought my ticket from an agent. There was no talking to him after that as he dismissed me when I told him there was no way I could pay him $2600. With the help of a very kind gentleman at the airport who saw me crying and was sympathetic to my plight, I purchased another ticket to Dubai with another airline called Air Arabia. I had to leave Ataturk airport via taxi ($60) to another airport called Sabiha to catch another fight with another airline (Air Arabia $570) just to get to Sharjah International and then subsequently to Dubai. When I went online to check, I was told my return was valid and secured and I even called the customer service line twice and was informed that I was checked in for my return. I was able to check in online and even change my seat for the return flight. I arrived at DXB airport at 4am February 22nd morning, waited for the check in counter to open at 5:20am to check in, only to be told by the agent at the desk that I could not fly out with them. He told me that since I broke the sequence and did not pay the $2600 in Turkey, my ticket was no longer valid. He also told me that they had neither a customer service counter nor a ticket counter in Dubai so my only option was to call the same customer service that previously assured me that I was confirmed to fly back to Houston with their airline. I had to be back in Houston so I had no choice but to purchase another ticket with Emirates. I had to take a shuttle to terminal 3, bought a one way ticket just to make it back to Houston. I cannot begin to tell you how traumatized I have been from this experience. Telling a passenger to pay $2600 for missing a connection is unconscionable. The staff are rude and Ataturk airport is chaotic. If you ever find yourself in a situation like mine, pray that you meet someone as kind as the gentleman who help me because Turkish Airlines does not care about its passengers regardless of if you're flying business class or economy.

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By Nuella, about Turkish Airlines, , close to Missouri City, Texas, United States
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