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The flight was quite good: clean cabin, polite personnel, comfortable seats, nice meal (two types of dishes on your choice). Good entertainment onboard (cood collection of video, incl. new movies and cartoons). Check-In was quick and unproblematic. Take off and landing were quite normal.

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Economy IST - NUE 03/2017


The flight was quite good: clean cabin, polite personnel, comfortable seats, nice snacks. Check-In was quick and unproblematic. Take off and landing were quite normal.

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Economy KBP - IST 03/2017

A very calm and excellent flight

My seat was very good, legroom very nice.

No entertainment and tv.

I had a very good airbus A320 flight to Istanbul.

Meal very nice and service 8/10.

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Economy MAN - IST More than 3 years

Worst airline ever

Ticket Sales employees and crew members are rude, poor in dealing with customers and their English is terrible.

They don't hesitate giving you false information just to get rid of you when they don't know how to deal with unexpected situations like delayed or cancelled flights.

Seats and inflight entertainment are just the same as lots of airlines.

I have no idea how meals are as I booked a special meal that they forgot to carry on board. Luggage service is awful, they lost all of my three baggage.

They cancelled my flight two times, the third one was overbooked, the next one was delayed.

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Economy BLQ - LAX 07/2016

A good trip

This was a good trip with excellent service and a warm welcome. Smooth takeoff and landing. Working tablet. Lots of legroom. Delicious food...

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Economy TUN - IST More than 2 years 2 reactions 151 views
Karim K.

A perfect medium-length flight

A very nice pleasant flight with an attentive flight crew, a brand new cabin and brand new seats that had good pitch and inclination. The...

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Economy BOD - IST More than 2 years 2 reactions 198 views
Airline Spotter

No problems

The weather in Istanbul was pleasant and warm. It was nice to see that it was just as beautiful in France. For this flight I was on an Airbus A320...

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Economy IST - CDG More than 2 years 2 reactions 104 views

Very satisfied

A good plane, very nice welcome and no delay, as always. I've loved this airline since 2011. I've noticed a lot of progress when it comes to the...

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Economy GVA - BKK More than 3 years 3 reactions 120 views

IST-WAW Business

Very nice flight, from Istanbul to Warsaw.

Very nice lounge, very nice food and drinks, nice choice of activities in the lounge, quiet and well organised.

A lot of choice concerning the catering from all around the world. The only problem is the lack of smoking place close to the lounge.

Snowy day in Istanbul, flight had only few minutes of delay at take off due to the de freeze process.

In sky chief and very nice choice of food. Large seat and nice entertainment.

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Business IST - WAW More than 2 years 1 reactions 8 views

Dissenting opinions

Business class check-in in Tunis is done at one central counter and is processed by Tunisair. We went through immigration and, huge surprise...

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Business TUN - IST More than 2 years 24 reactions 174 views
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