Thai Airways Intl : Bangkok - Chiang Mai

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Great hop to Chiang Mai

Very impressive flight. Boarding goes not more than 15 minutes. The seat is comfort. You can own 2 windows at row 63. The meal is okay. Flight attendants is very kind.

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Economy BKK - CNX More than 3 years 1 reactions 1 views

A short flight that made me want to use this airline again

A short flight that was less than an hour with the airline Thai Airways

I picked this flight since it was cheaper than the other airlines at the time when I bought my ticket (30 euros including checked baggage, so cheaper than the low-cost Air Asia).

At check-in I thought that there had been a mistake because I was in row 64, but no, I found myself in a 777 for a short one-hour flight!

The seats were comfortable, and coffee, orange juice, a sandwich and sticky rice were included and the flight crew was attentive.

I made me want to use this airline for a long-haul flight (which I didn't do since it was 200 euros more expensive than the one I took to go to Thailand, which was Turkish Airlines). But in the end, isn't the difference worthwhile on trips that long?

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Economy BKK - CNX More than 3 years 2 reactions 29 views

Pleasant flight

New A330-300 airplane with individual screens. I didn't test it, though, because it was only a 50-minute flight. Check-in was quick at the airport...

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Economy BKK - CNX More than 3 years 12 reactions 396 views

Bon vol.

Arrivé en transit depuis CDG à la porte d'embarquement, on ne peut que constater le manque de service sur place, à moins de faire des centaines de...

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Economy BKK - CNX 12/2018 10 reactions

Ayant voyagé assez souvent avec cette compagnie, je trouve qu'il y a du laissé aller depuis l'arrivée de Bangkok Airways.
J'ai été assez choquée car voyageant avec ma fille de 18 mois sur les genoux, je n'ai jamais reçu de ceinture de sécurité pour elle! Alors que toutes les autres compagnies (même ryanair) nous impose cette ceinture. Thai airways et son personnel n'en a apparement pas entendu parler. Je trouve quand même que c'est une grave manquement à la sécurité.
Dorénavant, je voyagerai en priorité avec une autre compagnie concurrente à la Thai.

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Economy BKK - CNX More than 3 years 2 reactions

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