TG930 flight on January 30, 2014

Review of Kris34 about the flight Thai Airways Intl TG930 between Phuket and Paris Charles De Gaulle on 29/01/2014 in Economy
Kris34 TG / THA HKT / CDG
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

There was a small delay at takeoff and a 30-minute delay for the landing. Nothing too bad, really. The service and seats in economy class were satisfactory though nothing special, even if they were better than Air France. On the departure flight there was an average meal and on the return flight there was a small meal.

My flight was Phuket - Bangkok and Bangkok - CDG. When I arrived, a piece of my luggage (the biggest one) was not there. As of today, February 3, there has been no news (5 days later). If the problem is just a delay, Thai doesn't compensate you. Yet, when I arrived in Paris with a 95°F difference in temperature, I had thought I would be able to wash up and change into warm clothes at Roissy. Before going back to Montpellier I had to buy warm clothes and things to change into and to things wash up with.

I had taken out multi-risk insurance with April, my travel agency, as well as with my bank card. However, April did nothing about the delay since they only insure departure flights. That makes sense when the return flight is to the town where you live, but in my case, it was unacceptable. Bank card, same problem.

In short, an amazing trip in Burma and Thailand but a disappointing return thanks to Thai and insurance providers that are there to take your money but not there to compensate you.

A good lesson in any case!

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4 / 5
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3 / 5
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3 / 5
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1 / 5
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3 / 5
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4 / 5
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By Kris34, about Thai Airways Intl, , close to Vic-la-gardiole, Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Posted online by HappyFlight, on 3 February 2014
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