Very bad flight attendants, racists, snooty and mean people. Worst family flying experience ever!!

Review of Santosh Achwani about the flight Thai Airways Intl between Bombay and Phuket on 18/04/2017 in Economy
Santosh Achwani TG / THA BOM / HKT
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 2 years ago.

The flight attendant were mean- and showed dis-respect to my elderly member of the family. Upon asking my grandfather she (the female flight attendant) asked with contempt about the choice of meal from my grandfather (he didnt understand her heavy thai accent english and took time decide about the type meal), this is when the flight attendant grabbed his hand and handed over a non - vegetarian (fish) meal to him and moved on with her work. Not only this but later when I myself asked for a glass of water from the male attendant, he was reluctant to stop and listen to me, but only walked and heard me on the go and ignored me as sh*t. When i pressed the bell a couple of times, they came and switched it off a couple of times without halting even for a second asking if i needed anything or why me or my parents want from them. I was enraged over this and went to complain her teal leader on board, who got furious over me and told me to get the h*ll out of there. I would not recommend anyone traveling with this airline given their attitude towards passengers. Rather opt for singapore airlines, which is much better and offers the similar destinations.

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By Santosh Achwani, about Thai Airways Intl,
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