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Review of Jolypip about the flight Thai Airways Intl between Hong Kong and Bangkok on 02/07/2017 in Economy
Jolypip TG / THA HKG / BKK

I was on the scheduled flight TG601 from Hong Kong to Bangkok on Sunday 2 July. The flight was scheduled for a 13:10

It got delayed by 1h first then, after 4h of delay, we were given a 75HKD voucher for food (a coffre costs about 40 so 75 doesn't take you far but is a gesrure at least).
The 400 passengers were being patient and waiting for feedback, but then the delay got extended beyond acceptable timeframes, 5h, then 6h, then 7h, and eventually 11h delay. We started boarding at 00:15
That is 11h delay for a 2h25 duration flight!

I was flying to Bangkok for a business trip, I had to call my clients and inform them of my delay for our business dinner, then call them again inform them of more delay and eventually call them and cancel our dinner. I had meeting the next morning at 8am, and had planned to arrive on the sunday afternoon, get some rest, get stuff printed, and prepare for my important meetings on Monday. Instead, I landed at 3am and only checked- in my hotel at 4am. I couldn't get anything printed before my meeting and only had a couple of hours of sleep before my 8am meeting, which is not professional and could have damaged my business seriously. In addition, I had to constantly call my hotel in Bangkok to tell them to keep my reservation booking open, as I was delayed but would arrive later in the afternoon, then I call them again and tell them that i would arrive at night, then call them again and tell them that i would check in at 4am. They did not want to keep my room, and considered me a "no show" if I checked in after midnight, and I had to spend money and time on the phone to actually convince them to keep my room and that I would check in at 4am. I was lucky they did not cancel my booking. What would I have done at 4am in Bangkok otherwise?

I eventually got seated in economy, while the entire business class was left empty. You would think that upgrading passemgers who have had an 11h delay might be the very least but not for Thai Airways.

Last but not least, I was told I would be given a letter upon arrival with details of the delay and use that letter for the complaint. When we landed, nobody was there to give us any letters.

Because it was Thai Airways' responsibility for the delay exceeding 11h, I wanted to claim a delay compensation for all the hassle caused to me and potentially my business.

After 4 weeks of emailing Thai Airways, only my first email was responded 2 weeks later, and no other emails were responded and no compensation received, not even a simple upgrade on my next flight.

I will avoid Thai Airways because if everything is on schedule it ised to be a decent airline, but when there is an issue (like my 11h delay) then I realised that they did not care for their customers at all and would never compensate for even such a big delay. That is not acceptable.

For the record, in Europe a 4h delay would have been compensated by abour 400EUR, so imagibe how the airline should try to bend backwards to try to keep a customer after 11h delay. But not Thai Airways in Bangkok. Thry did not care the slightest. The worst customer relations staff I have encountered in 20 years of frequent flying.

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By Jolypip, about Thai Airways Intl, , close to Central District, Hong Kong, via its phone
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