Racist and clueless staff - deny boarding with 2 young kids because they think only a white person can be French

Review of MC626 about the flight Thai Airways Intl between Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok on 18/05/2017 in Economy
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 2 years ago.

In all my years of travel across all continents I have never come across such a racist and clueless airline staff.

I was travelling with 8 my 5 & years old kids From Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok with onwards flights from Bangkok to Paris. My children and I are French national of African descent. To our utter shock and honor we were denied boarding and left stranded in an foreign airport because all 6 staff members at the boarding gate check in counter could not believe that black people could possibly be French.

We lost in excess of USD 4,000 and when trying to reach Thai Airways to refund our tickets money we were told we would need to claim from the travel agent. How unbelievably stupid can staff in an airline that deal with international travel be.

They mercilessly mocked my children for claiming to be French nationals and literally confiscated our passports with the intent to destroy them!!! How can such a thing happen. Videos and photos available.

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By MC626, about Thai Airways Intl, , close to Dugny, Île-de-France, France
Posted online by admin, on 28 June 2017, view original version
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Jolypip replied

I feel for this person. I recently experienced the poor customer service of Thai Airways on a trip from Hong Kong to Bangkok that was delaued by over 11h (tgat's 11h boarding delay for a flight duration of about 2h20). The staff were clueless in thtir handling of the outrageous delay and the customer service respondible of customer relations and complaints should simply be fired. No compensation, no response to emails for weeks, complete head I the sand approach ( if I don't see it it doesn't exist).

In addition, on the return flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong, the ground staff asked where my visa was. I told them I didn't need a visa (I am a french citizen), I showed them the arrival stamp with the authorised duration of stay on it. She had to call a supervisor to double chevk that French people/EU citizen did not need a paper visa in their passport. Clueless Airline staff. I will avoid Thai Airways in the future and would not recommend it to anyone. So many better alternatives in Asia with Cathay, Singapore Airlines or even Malaysian.

The user who posted the review has replied.

Hi Jolypip,
Sorry to hear about your experience! "Complete head in the sand approach" seems to be the way the company is ran at the highest level. Following my horrid experience I literally emailed everyone at Thai Airways from cleaner all the way up to President and board members. I was utterly ignored for a whole month until embassies started to chase them for an answer of how this could have happened. They replied with lies and left me with no choice but to drag them to French courts which is now ongoing as I simply cannot allow this to happen to others. More so Thai Airways rather than taking responsibility for their staff actions do not hesitate to lie and attempt to cover up facts.

Take care and indeed I won't be caught dead flying Thai Airways ever again.

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