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Review of LVD about the flight Jetairfly between Miami and Brussels on 02/08/2016 in Economy
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

My wife was scheduled today (Tuesday Aug. 2, 2016) for a flight from Miami with JetAirFly on flight TR218 with a departure at 15.20hrs. (3.20pm) to Brussels.

After some waiting hours she got two messages that the departure was delayed and to be expected around 6pm and then 7.30pm. But there was no checking in, no departure and also no flight at 6 or even 8pm.
Finally around 10pm she got the devastating message that there would be no flight at all today. During all those many waiting hours and almost no updates the only service was to get inline for a piece of pizza.
Then she finally got the message that she was on a flight the next morning (Wednesday Aug. 3, 2016) around 6 or 8 am and that all the passengers will be transported to a hotel.

Assume that there will be a flight tomorrow, by doing so the ETA of that delayed flight/arrival at Brussels Airport will be very early in the morning of Wednesday Aug. 3 when there will be no train of bus transportation to her final destination in the Netherlands.

Jetairfly (TB) and/or Tui showed a very bad and unacceptable (ground) service to all passengers by leaving them totally in the dark for many hours about what was really going on.

As the President of the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce for South Florida Inc. I feel it as my duty to inform all our members and connections about the very low level and unacceptable services as experienced by my wife today.

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By LVD, about Jetairfly, , close to Hallandale, Florida, United States
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