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Review of Alanbond about the flight Jetairfly between Bodrum and Brussels on 03/08/2014 in Economy
Alanbond TB / JAF BJV / BRU
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

Airline informed us they changed flight time by more than twelve hours (later) without any consideration for passengers engagements/obligations. Furthermore they used another airline that we had no knowledge of and this without informing. When we called Jetair to discuss this the lady in Belgium hang up on us, very disrespectful! It is like one books and pays a British Airways or other main airline but instead fly with a second tier flight! Very dishonest and unethical; no customer orientation whatsoever. We will never fly Jetair fly again.

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By Alanbond, about Jetairfly, , close to Tervuren, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium
Posted online by HappyFlight, on 27 September 2014, view original version
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Fievetfred replied

That is very surpising from Jetairfly and absolutely unusual in this company. They probably must have had a serious technical probmem with one of their aircrafts because It is from far the best charter and serious belgian chater company. I use it many times a year for 10 years. Security is their absolute priority so such a delay must be a question of security on one of their planes.

The user who posted the review has replied.

This could have been the case but unfortunately not, it is about making money: we found out later that Jetair fly consistently uses other airlines’ planes on some routes including this one and by the way airlines that are much cheaper and with much older fleet; this plane was 17 years old! Jetair does not tell the customer this when one books with them. It is like an unlikely scenario of when one were to buy a car from the car brand shop that later delivers the customer a car from another brand but also a cheaper version then actually paid for! Then when the customer complains, the answer from that car dealer is “it is written in the general conditions of sale”! This is exactly what Jetair consistently does as was mentioned by another Unhappy Customer when she complained the standard answer, which has nothing to do with customer care or service, she received “it is in the general conditions”. This is how dishonest and unethical businesses would behave towards clients. Furthermore, the flight price is at par with main airlines for example for this route they charge the same price as Turkish Airlines (THY)! When booking with main airlines, the customer is always and consistently explained, without asking, the conditions and terms of the ticket purchased so that customer knows what exactly to expect from the service. That is what customer service is about.
If Jetair fly were such a good charter airline why do they consistently use planes from other airlines and do not inform their customers about it? No world class airline does that and especially this consistently by using cheaper airlines but charging full price. It is certainly not about safety unless Jetair fly's own planes are less safe than their subcontractors. Why Jetair representatives hang up on a customer over the phone? They should all be fully trained to care about customers needs, to really listen to customers rather than just stating the same statements over and over like a broken record. This is what great companies consistently do .

Fievetfred replied Translate

You're absolutely right but unfortunately the trend you underline of trying to make more benefit with less costs is now the rules everywhere in all the fields. Don't forget that Jetairfly is a charter company and as such, doesn't work like a main company. A main company will operate the flight whenever the plane is crowed or not. A charter company tries always to fill thoroughly the aircraft. This explains important variations in the prices of the tickets and also leads to absurd situations where for example in high season and if you book relatively late , you will be asked at least 2 times the price which you would be asked on THY for the same travel !
The partnership of Jetairfly with Freebird never stopped since 2007, this is a sign of quality and reliability, because if you look in other charter airlines, they change of partner nearly every 2 years!!! I know hat I'm speaking about because I already flew with nearly all of them....
Freebird had also to expand a lot its fleet, they began with 5 recent or even brand new aircrafts in 2007, but their quickly spreading success imposed them to buy or rent new planes quickly.
It is sad if you say that now they use older planes but maybe, this older one you had to fly with was used because of a technical problem with the one initially scheduled for your flight?
In summary , the choice of your airline to Turkey should depend on the date of your booking and on your destination in Turkey. If booked well in advance it's easier and cheaper to have a direct flight with Jetairfly. If you have to book at a late date, it would probably be cheapest on THY but the travel will be longer and implies inconvenience of too long or too short connecting times , and passport control in Istanbul or Ankara...

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