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JP80SOMME Pleasant 4/5
ItsMe62000 A successful return flight 3/5
JP80SOMME A night flight 4/5
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6h delay, no info

Flight itself was more or less for a low cost, except that there is only 1 type of sandwich (tuna) available, and it tastes like cardboard.

The flight however was delayed by 6 hours, and this decision was taken around midnight.

The problem is that the passengers where only advised by e-mail and not with an SMS !

I was lucky to check my mail in the morning , but a lot of passengers did not , and spent 8 hours in the airport!

There where no extra meal or even excuses from the company.

The purser however mentioned the reason of the delay.

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Economy BRU - ALC 09/2016

Delay of many hours

My wife was scheduled today (Tuesday Aug. 2, 2016) for a flight from Miami with JetAirFly on flight TR218 with a departure at 15.20hrs. (3.20pm) to...

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Economy MIA - BRU 08/2016

Great Flight

We left from Paris Vatry on this airline that allows small dogs.
Since this was the first time that we were taking them to Corsica, we were anxious, but the flight and boarding ended up going well. The flight crew was charming and very attentive to all of the passengers, including the canine ones.
The return flight was the same way. The flight was pleasant.
We strongly recommend JetairFly, which has accessible ticket prices and services worthy of a major airline.

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Economy XCR - AJA More than 2 years 1 reactions 36 views

A successful return flight

Check-in went pretty well with a lot of people at the airport. Boarding was a real mess. Takeoff went off without incident and on time. There was...

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Economy CFU - LIL 08/2015 4 reactions 304 views

My first flight with this carrier

My first flight with Jetair, although I have already used a company that was part of the TUI group. Check-in was done very quickly and boarding took...

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Economy LIL - CFU 08/2015 240 views

A night flight

The return flight took place at night, departing from Hurghada Airport's new terminal. Baggage check-in was very fast, with plenty of staff (four...

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Economy HRG - BRU 06/2015 2 reactions 130 views


As with every Jetairfly flight, the baggage check in had a very small staff (2 people) but was still efficient. Boarding was at gate 56, which was...

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Economy BRU - HRG 06/2015 4 reactions 145 views

Very disappointed

This was the first time I used this airline and I was very disappointed. When it came to authorized luggage, I was allowed 33lbs and my luggage was refused.

What's more, the plan was that I would leave at 9 in the morning and arrive at 2:00 pm, but instead we arrived at the airport in Agadir 2:00 am because of a breakdown on the plane.

The entire day the staff made us believe that the plane was going to leave in 15 minutes and instead it left at 11 at night instead of 11 in the morning as scheduled.

They treated us like dogs. The children hadn't eaten anything all day they didn't even offer us a sandwich. This is the first and last time that I will use this airline.

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Economy LYS - AGA More than 2 years 3 reactions 254 views

Schedule change no refundable.

Worst airline in the World: Jetairfly does NOT allow customers to accept or cancel a flight when the time schedule is changed. I have booked a direct flight from Charleroi to Palma de Mallorca and my time schedule has been changed into a time when I can’t flight.

Additionally, now is no longer a direct flight, it’s a connecting flight via Alicante which will triple the time of my journey. Call center explained that either I fly with the new conditions or lose my money. This kind of treatment to customers should not be accepted in the European Union. Please share with your friends to make other Jetairfly customers aware.

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Economy CRL - PMI More than 2 years 1 reactions 19 views

Time change of -6 hours and delays of +10 hours

When booking this flight the time of departure was listed as 19:20 Miami time. I booked other flights connecting to Miami based on this departure time. When I arrived at Miami airport I found that the time had changed to 15:20, and I was given no notification of this. "Fortunately" the departure was delayed by about 10 hours so I did not miss my trans-Atlantic flight after all. I'm currently sitting in the departure lounge with an estimated boarding time of anywhere between 23:45 and 01:30. Unacceptably unreliable service. I will not fly with Jetairfly again.

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Economy MIA - BRU More than 2 years 2 reactions 38 views
Aidan R.

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