Eastern Airways overbooking meant I missed my son's graduation!

Review of DGP about the flight Eastern Airways between Southampton and Leeds/Bradford on 20/06/2017 in Economy
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 2 years ago.

Eastern Airways bumped me off my flight to Leeds and I missed my son’s graduation as a result.

For professional reasons, my only travel option was an 08.35 flight from Southampton to Leeds (Flight no. T3 4701) which would just get me to Leeds in time to get to Leeds Trinity University for the graduation ceremony, and a 14.00 return flight the same day so I could be back for an important appointment later that day. I booked the flight in good faith several weeks in advance to ensure I had a seat.

At the Gate I was denied boarding as the plane “was overweight” and 2 passengers would have to be left behind. Despite remonstrating forcefully and explaining why it was so important to get to Leeds on that flight, Eastern Airways could not be moved. Eventually, the Southampton airport dispatch staff (whose behaviour was at all times sympathetic and polite) asked the other passengers who were waiting on the transit bus for a volunteer to give up their place, explaining the circumstances.

Unfortunately, no one took pity on my plight and I was denied a place on the plane. I was left distraught and upset having missed an unrepeatable family event. No compensation was offered by the airline, and there has been no attempt to contact me to offer either an explanation or apology. This is yet another instance of airlines overbooking flights, but this time with a devastating human cost.

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Eastern Airways causes disappointed Dad to miss son's graduation!
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By DGP, about Eastern Airways, , close to Chertsey, England, United Kingdom
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